Send mail to 1uJS932/15 JVA Aachen; Krefelder Strasse 251; 520708 Aachen.

The result of the treatment: a sprait wrist, haematomas and red eyes. Mister Blue was abused by RWE private security personal, Police refused medical treatment.

The latest information we have got from the lawyer. The person got arrested very brutally. He got beaten up by security as well as by police.
Allegedly the police collected footage of five events, the arrested person is accused of. This is the reason for the arrest warrant. He is accused of bodily harming a private security person by biting, as well as trespassing, disturbance of public services, resisting his arrest and insult.
He still refuses to give his ID. Therefore he is qualified danger of escape.

On October 7th a conveyor belt at the open cast lignite mine Hambach has been blocked. One activist has been released from custody, another is still being held. On 8th the prison judge came on a visit to prove the imprisonment for infinite time. The person has been injured in a way that she/he left the conveyor belt “voluntarily” preventing an eviction. Just one compa, Jus, has been released and they catch another. Amazing!

Ticker of occupation and eviction

October 7th
3 pm Activist released, another is brought to Aachen for tomorrow visity of prison judge.
5:30 Call from occupation – expected eviction to Jülich – ends yelling in pain.
3:35 All conveyor belts at Hambach held. 2 activists gathered to resist harrassment of workers followed by abusement by police. Since 10 minutes later no more contact.

October 8th
2-5 pm prison judge (Haftrichter) came by for the accusation of: bodily harm ordering custody until trial.

Mail and money for cigarets are welcome!
Send mail to 1uJS932/15 JVA Aachen; Krefelder Strasse 251; 520708 Aachen.