At noon this Sunday a Red Card for RWE action will start at the parking lot and grill platz at the entrance to the forest outside of Buir . Please bring red cards, signs, costumes, flags etc and rubber or hiking boots. The walk will be led by Michael Sobel forest guide with background given on the history of the forest and the struggle. Lets giving RWE red card for additional 500 meters of the forest cut this season be the starting point for the response to this ecological disaster.


Koelner Verkehrs-Betriebe, Cologne’s Municipal Transportation Authority, intends to cut down trees in 2 neighbourhood parks and among the Bonner Strasse to make way for a light rail project. Light rail unlike trams can not stop on a street but calls for elevated platforms and does not use existing road surface. Instead it causes massive neighbourhood destruction by the need to construct dedicated rail tracks, demolishing the already existing roads, tree-lines, side walks and historical buildings. It is an example of green-washed unsustainable mega projects. Initial estimate of construction was put at 500 million however over the first 2 years of its construction the cost have ballooned to over 3 billion while still not being in service.
This profit driven project focuses also on car traffic expansion and will result in a further pollution, CO₂ emissions and gentrification in this now largely working class neighbourhood.

A call goes out to all in the Cologne urban area and beyond to fight this concrete and asphalt based attack on the remaining urban green areas.
Stop by and support every Tuesday between 15:00 and 17:00 at the Vigil (Mahnwache) and info stand at Schönhauser Str. and Bonner Str. and on Thursday at 19:00 for a planning meeting at Restaurant Oratio on the corner of Mannsfelder Str. and Brühler Str.
4 day warning has to be given before these trees will be felled.

More info on http://www.nabis.de/artikel/ubahn-25.html


Arson and sabotage at Hambach open cast mine

found on 325.nostate.net

This new years night while everybody was celebrating, we had a special party of our own, visiting the hambach opencast mine and putting on a nice fireworks display for RWE and breaking some glass for a lucky new fear.

After wandering along the railway tracks which transport brown coal from the mine to nearby power stations, we came across two signal boxes and a bundle of cables and thought these were perfectly suitable targets for our mischevious intentions.

We opened the boxes with a wide chisel and placed inside 10cm lengths of inner tube stuffed with gasoline soaked cloths then smeared the inside of the boxes with burning gel to make sure it all burnt properly.

We thought the party was over, but then on the way back we noticed some welcoming lights from an office trailer in a fenced compound. Next to the trailer were two parked diggers in dire need of maintenance, we checked the trailer was empty by smashing its windows, then cut the fence and set about immediately improving the air conditioning of the diggers, smashing their windows, cutting all of the hydraulics and adding some extra holes to the coolers. We also poured some dirt and broken glass in the gas tanks and used a bolt cutter to cut the valves of the trailers tires.

200m further, we found a front-end loader and gave it the same treatment as well as emptying the fire extinguisher found inside the cab into its gas tank.

According to the media reports all of this caused a damage of “tens of thousands” of euros, making it our most expensive new years party so far.

We wish to send our thanks to all the people who provided us with perfect sound cover by wasting huge amounts of explosives, terrifying the local wildlife in a stupid capitalist ritual.

– Criminal Mechanics Party

Hambach Coal Railroad Sabotaged

lone wolfs doing what needs to be doneOn the night of the 5th of January I paid a visit to the Hambach open cast browncoal mine close to Aachen. My goal was to destroy the railroad tracks with a load of thermite I stole from an other industrial company.

Thermite burns around 2500 degrees celcius, and the steel of the tracks melts around 1500 degrees celcius, so the thermite does a lot of damage when ignited properly.

I chose the location so it would hurt them most, at the part where the train can switch to the other track since this part is one of a kind and they have to make a new one on site.When I got there I set everything up after checking the target and my escape root, the termite I put in 2 plant pots with holes in the bottoms to guide the molten mixture to the right place. The stuff is easy to ignite with sparklers, which you can get anywhere around new years, but to be sure it all went up I put around 20 in each spot. I placed the device and set it ablaze.

Just in the moment I lighted the 2nd one I saw the headlights of a train coming my way. I had plenty of time to get some space between me and the molten mixture and watch the train driving into one of the pots. The tracks and front wheel were covered in the burning thermite and making a repetitive noise of the wheels hitting the damaged spot.
After one last look at this spectacle I got my ass out of there.

Piromane against RWE.

--found on earthfirstjournal.org--

Meadow is still eviction proof

Contrary to some running rumours, currently there are no signs that the meadow is going to be evicted. In the next days, there will be no eviction here (the meadow sentence is not yet legally valid and there is also no court order). No one knows if something of this kind is going to happen in the next few weeks or months. So have a good time wherever you are, donate as you can, and keep an eye on the blog!

Let’s stop together racists and neo-Nazis!

sit in
Saturday, 01/07/2017
1:30 pm Demonstration in front of the main station

Saturday, 01/14/2017
1:30 pm Cologne Ottoplatz/railway station Deutz

Pro NRW and other right-wing groups want to exploit sexual assaults on women on New Year’s Eve, during the night of January 1, 2016, for their racist agitation.

No more mega prisons!

deutsch | français | nederlands
In Keelbeek (Belgium) a new, huge prison is planned. Fortunately, there is also a lot of resistance to the project. Today this solidarity photo was taken on the meadow, with which we want to greet the occupants in Belgium. We wish you all – even more in the hard winter months – loads of power and perseverance!
Open Street Map


Meadow christmas wishes

Dear friends of the grotesque theatre of judiciary,

Kurt (the person who legally owns the meadow) puts a lot of effort and time, energy and money into saving the Hambach Forest and to bring an end to lignite coal mining.
A lot of court cases took so much money from him that he is not able to continue the court cases alone. That means a fundamental threat for the meadow occupation!

We want that Kurt can continue his fight against RWE!

If you want to do some more useful than enjoying capitalist consume-terror, then donate some of your christmas money or organise a solidarity event.

Bank: Kreissparkasse Köln
IBAN: DE22 3705 0299 1147 0393 73
Account holder: Classen, Kurt – Sonderkonto
Reference: Soli-Spende Hafo

Kurt and we will be happy about donations!

Again concert at prison Colongne

On Monday 12/19 at 6:00 pm is again a concert in front of the walls of JVA Cologne Ossendorf (Rektor-Klein-Str, line 5). A bunch of Street musicians are playing amplified music and there is also open stage which you can fill with your ideas.
Come around, enjoy the music and send greetings to the prisoners.
Bring everything with you for making noise!

At the same time a Benefit-bar for the imprissoned Thunfisch happens at LC 36.
After the concert writing café for prisoners at LC 36.

Against all cages & prisons – Freedom for all prisoners!

Declaration of action: Blockade of the hambach railway, 12.12.16

Found on https://linksunten.indymedia.org/en/node/199035

„After the recent, massiv attacs by RWE and the police against the anti-brown-coal-resistance in the hambach forest we are now again going on to the offensive.

This night we blockaded the hambach railway. [Ticker: http://hambachforest.blogsport.de/2016/12/12/ticker-blockade-of-the-hambach-railway/]

The last weeks were characterized by police operations with eviction tanks and water guns to protect the clearing works in the occupied hambach forest. At the same time there have been massiv repressions against activists and supporters.

The operations reached its peak with the arrest of Siao, Hodei and Maya. The three are now in the women´s prison in Köln- Ossendorf. In the media it has been given the impression that some of our as „violent“ declared forms of actions are the problem.

The media forgets in that case that RWE constantly goes on with the destruction of our planet.

The problem is not the activism but the brown coal, which is deeply connected with our capitalistic system. With our blockade of the connection between the coal mine and the power plant we want to show RWE that we aren´t paralyzed and that we transform our sorrow over our compas in prison into anger and action!

Freedom for Maya, Siao, Hodei!

The problem is the brown coal!

Show your solidarity with the prisoners, write letters & do actions.

More informations: abcrhineland.blackblogs.org“

TICKER: Blockade of the hambach railway

The hambach train is standing still!


1:09 Three Persons blockaded the hambachrailway in both directions. One of them is locked oin directly under the stopped hambach train.

1:30 police is on their way

1:35 the cops reached the activists

2:00 the connection to the activists is lost, probably the police took the phone away

5:13 Policeinformation (dont trust the Police): „The Policeaction goes on, if the people are arrested they goes to Aachen“ (but now they are in the Lock On)

11:30 Please support the People! Come to the Policestation in Aachen! Its very important that they see some nice People after the sometimes dramatic experiences with Policeviolence !

13:15 The Action has been very successfull. The Police said that the train was blocked until 10am.

16:00 UPDATE: they will face a magistrate tomorrow (13.12.2016) in Düren.
They are until tomorrow in custody.

Zaragoza, Spain: Solidarity with the Fighters of Hambach forest

This link was sent to us by e-mail:

Greetings to Standing Rock and NoDAPL

We want to congratulate our comr@des at Standing Rock to their Victory against the DAPL-project!

WaterDefenders you give us courage and hope to continue our fight!

We share the worries that after the change of presidents the construction stop will be removed. We want to appeal to all to get rid of their stocks of destructive technologies like fracking, nuclear & coal power. And to call all the others which dont have such stucks to make more pressure to the stuckholders. In this area we just know that deutsche bank is stuckholder of the pipeline-project DAPL.

Dont let them allay your suspiciousness! Never surrender! No Compromise!

#NoDAPL! #StandingRock #StopPoliceBrutality!

Escaltation of violence in Hambach Forest!

„Who could feel how beatiful it was before, feels also how unmeasureable the lost is.“

At the former trashpit, on the south-western edge of the clearcut, before and after the cutting. More photos are coming later!

Action Advent Calender 2016

This year the first action advent calender started, the idea is: up to Christmas every day some people are going to surprise us all with some action against the clearcut of Hambach Forest. The actions will be published on wortkulturen.de/category/aktionsadventskalender/ (just in German) where are always more pictures than on this blog. If you want to take responsibility to take action for a specific date get in contact with them: 01577/6655450
Below you find an English translation of some of these actions.

-- It is like a live ticker: the last opened door is on top --

12th door open!
Occupation of the Hambach lignite railroad:

After the most recent, massive attacks by RWE and the police on the brown coal resistance in the Hambach Forest, we went back into the offensive last night. The Hambach railroad is blocked once more, on both tracks.
Action declaration: https://linksunten.indymedia.org/en/node/199035 (english)

Live ticker (up to now only in German): http://hambacherforst.blogsport.de/2016/12/12/ticker-blockade-der-hambachbahn/