On May 15, the following article appeared on ContraInfo with some photos.


Düren: the Hambach Forest needs you!

After clearing of large sections, the energy company RWE plans the complete deforestation of Hambacher Forst, located at Buir (borough of Düren) to make way for lignite mining by the year 2018, Starting in 2012, the resistance began against the destruction (sabotage of machines, blockades, festivals, setting up tree houses, in November 2012 a meadow on the edge of Hambacherforst is occupied. The meadow is owned by a local resident critical of RWE who tolerates this. In the forest barricades and ditches have since built, the state party headquarters of the Greens in Dusseldorf was occupied and the Annual General Meeting of RWE blocked and disturbed.Of course physical attacks, arrests, and prosecutions have failed to dissuade resistance.
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