Blockade of the Coal-Train („Hambachbahn“) on 17th of October!


From the 1st of October, the cutting works in Hambach Forest start again. RWE will destroy another part of the forest, so they can continue digging for brown coal. we will try to defend the forest. But we will not limit ourselves to the defensive! The Hambach Railway, which transports the coal from the mine to the power plants, is essential for RWE to produce dirty energy – and it is vulnerable! That’s why we want to have a party on the railway, which will damage RWE. We are planning a blockade, which is open for everyone – for people whicht are not (yet) experienced in direct action, but also for people who did many blockades before. For people who prefea the safety of a bigger group to feel comfortable as well as for small groups who like to act on their own.

The Action will take place at the end of the Skill-Sharing-Camp (9 – 18 October). During the camp, there will be an action training and an opportunity to build affinity groups.

If possible, come for the complete Skill-Sharing-Camp (or even longer). Only with ongoing presence, action and motivation, we can really oppose RWE and the ungoing destruction and violence directed at nature.