News from the Hambach Forest

Part 1. Support for a tree occupation. But how?

Hambach Forest, tree occupations Oaktown & Gallien.
October 17, 2016
You want to support the tree occupation Oaktown, Gallien or another one but do not know how? No problem. We (supporters and tree-occupants) listed a couple of questions which are always asked and answered them. This way we show how you can contribute in very different ways.

Table of Contents:

  1. Where are the tree occupations?
  2. What is needed? What is always useful to have in the trees?
  3. How can I send / bring the materials and / or food to you?
  4. What is a supportership for the tree occupants?
  5. What is to be considered?
  6. How else can I contribute? What could I change in my everyday life?

1. Where are the tree occupations?

Currently, there are three larger tree occupations (villages) and single occupied trees in the Hambach Forest. It is located between Aachen and Cologne, near Buir / Kerpen.

The names of the occupations and individual tree houses are:
Fortress (entrance of the wood) with Deathtrap. Tree and occupied barricade at the entrance to the Hambach Forest, near the exit Buir of the former A4 and the car park called Manheimer Bürge. In the last two years this occupation has been cleared again and again. Worth mentioning is e.g. Remis Tower, named after the activist Remi Fraisse, who has been murdered by police during actions around a dam project in France.

Dear Forest Visitors

Oaktown. Named with this English word after the oaks in which the houses are located. The names of the occupied trees are Nest, Floki, Wohnzimmer (living room), Mona and Pyra.

Gallien. Consists of three tree houses. Chillum, Palme und Lulla.

Beechtown / copper beech town). This is a tree occupation that is currently closest to the edge of the already cleared area. It is named after the beeches that occur there and the blood beech standing there alone. It also consisted of a ground occupation, which has been evacuated 1½ years ago. The names of the tree houses are Beechtown and Aquarium.

Open Street Map

2. What is needed? What is always useful to have in the trees?

Food is an important item, as well as water. In addition there are important everyday objects. In the tree houses there is an opportunity to prepare / heat food.

Dry: Noodles, millet, oat, oat flakes, muesli, chocolate, red lentils, peach, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts, etc. whole or peeled, as paste or chopped.

Fresh: Carrots, onions, potatoes, garlic, apples, fruits in general, vegetables in general, pumpkins, bread, salad…

Preserves: Canned ravioli, lentil stew, kidney beans, carrots / peas, corn, tomatoes (tomato paste), bread spreads, pumpernickel, other bread

Water: PET bottles of 1,5 litres are best, since they are better to store and they can withstand the frost better (they do not burst)

Everyday objects: Lighters / matches, candles, batteries (AA, AAA), cell phone chargings/ credit for e-Plus / Aldi Talk (5€, 15€), Plug-in cartridges for camping gas cookers (Gas cartridge CF211 Butane 290g), gas cooker

Useful stuff: First aid kit (Car first aid kit), socks, blankets, sewing utensils (also heavy duty sewing utensils), pocket radio (for battery and/or crank operation), toilet paper and handkerchiefs

3. How can I send / bring the materials and / or food to you?

You have got several options.

A. Visit us. That means, that you visit the tree occupations and or the camp on the meadow. On this occasion you will meet us personally ;)

Under construction: If no one in the trees responds or if you simply have a leisurely walk and just want to leave something there, the following ideas are currently being implemented. In the occupation Oaktown, for example, there will be a box on the ground, to provide the opportunity to leave material and food. There is also a mailbox nearby, which likes to be filled with letters. Be it directly to the activists, poetry, postcards, criticism, praise, constructive words or what else you may think of.

You can find a route description at: Directions, ore go to

B. Participate in one of the forest walks / the camp / actions and give it to one of the local activists.
For more information, please visit: Dates

C. More questions? Just call us or write an e-mail.
Go to our contact info

4. What is a supportership for the tree occupants?

The idea of supportership for tree houses and what it means.

The tree house Floki in Oaktown has got supporters. This means people came together, who cooperate and complement each others. The occupants of Floki live most of the time in the tree house and rarely leave it. To make this possible, the supporters come by at regular intervals. They inquire about the current situation and ask what the occupants need. For example food, washing clothes, recharging of mobile phones or batteries. In this sponsorship ideas are exchanged, there is a small network. Supporters collect a little money and buy the things they need.

For example: In the tree house something is missing or it will run out in the coming time, so the person(s) up there contact their supporters to get things like: trail mix, apples, potatoes, pumpkin, garlic, batteries, chocolate (marzipan) and extra water, to store for an evacuation. In the days after, the supporters come back and hang these things in a jute bag on a climbing rope.

Other tree houses would be pleased to get this kind of support too.

5. What is to be considered?

Most people in the Hambach Forest are vegans. This means that they do not use any animal (non-human) products. Be it milk (also milk products), honey, eggs, meat and fish.

We recommend to transport water in PET bottles and food preserves in cans and to hand them over to the tree-living people. Please try to avoid glass bottles. For long-term storage they could burst in the winter when it’s freezing, or they could break by vibration when transported.

Your visit
For some years, the Hambach Forest has been a highly competitive area. There are blockades, camps, art and cultural events, forest walks, sabotage, occupations and more.

This means that there are clashes with police, security personnel and authorities. This often leads to arrests, personal checks, a strong presence of police units and the security staff employed by RWE. Especially in the current deforesting season.

For this reason, the text Part 2. Deforesting works? What’s that? will be published in the coming days.

Barricades on the forest roads.
They are there in order to complicate access to the remains of the Hambach Forest by RWE and police, and to the occupations within it. They are also there to show visitors that people are resisting here actively against the destruction of the forest. On the roads of the Hambach Forest are different types of barricades. They are inhabited from time to time. The barricades are individually and artistically designed.

The occupations.
When you enter a tree occupation area, you should draw attention to yourself. There is always a risk of objects falling down, since mostly the tree houses are being built or repairs are carried out. The occupation Oaktown is marked/bordered by a red / white warning tape.

6. How else can I contribute? What could I change in my everyday life?

Change your power supplier. No money for nuclear and coal power.
Reflect your consumer behaviour and your way of thinking.

  • Buy regional and seasonal foods.
  • Minimize your consumption of electricity and other energy.
  • Use your bike and public transport
  • Share this page.
  • Distribute flyers from the Hambach Forest
  • Come with friends into the forest for a walk. Guided tours are also possible by prior arrangement.
  • Organise events (readings, concert, film evening).
  • Participate in actions and camps.
  • Found your own groups and perform actions.
  • Join regional or supra-regional groups who criticize or oppose to hostile technologies and their circumstances.

Here you can find further information: join in and info

The campaign against the deforetation 2016/ 2017 has started. Click on the links below for more info: