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Actual History of the deforestation, winter 2015/2016

RWE wants to clearcut again – from October to February, trees shall fall. As every year, they want to destroy 200-400 meters of forest on the complete length of the forest (ca. 5 km). We will not let this happen! We will be in the forest for the complete cutting season – and when the cutting starts, we will intervene! Come during this time to the forest occupation – come with many, and stay long!

Apart from the permanent protection of the forest, there are the following dates:
9 – 18 October: Skill-Sharing Camp

17 October: Blockade of the Coal train
18 October: Forest Walk with forest pedagogue Michael Zobel

20 – 29 November: Action week in the hot part of the cutting season

22 – 31 January: Action week at the end of the cutting season

fighting for each single meter
call to action

Let’s stop the tree-cutting season in the Hambach forest 2015/16!
Each year beginning on October 1st the tree-cutting in the Hambach forest close to Cologne, Germany continues. The tree-cutting is part of the continuous extension of the open cast lignite mine Hambach.

The remaining Hambach forest – originally part of a 6000 hectare large old-growth forest – is ecologically unique in Europe. For more than 30 years the energy corporation RWE is cutting it down. Today, less than 500 hectare remain; however, all of it is to be cut down to make space for the mine in the years to come – at least these are the plans of RWE and the government.

All this because underneath the forest the one finds the so called “brown gold”: lignite (that is a type of coal). Lignite has been exploited in the Rhineland between Aachen and Cologne for more than hundred years. In 1970 the large-scale lignite extraction project has been approved. This project included three huge open cast pits, the the extension of existing as well as the construction of new coal power plants, and the development of the necessary infrastructure. This led to the closure of smaller open cast pits, industrial facilities, and a reduction of agricultural economy in the region. A change that left its traces in the whole of West-Germany (GFR). Stock market trade, the arms race of the cold war period, and billions of Deutsche Mark invested in the restructuring of industries all fostered this process.


The extraction of and the energy production from lignite is among the largest emittents of CO2 globally. Lignite contributes to a life-threatening environment, destroys whole landscapes and thus annihilates them for all times.
Each year from October 1st until March 31st RWE continues to cut down the Hambach forest to make space for its open cast mine. 180 days of resistance against this destructive machinery are our answer.

We demonstrate and inform: we make the consequences of lignite mining and electricity visible and present possibilities to act, thus establishing a counter-publicity.
We demonstrate and inform: through direct interference with the tree-cutting work and beyond. Thus the tree-cutting is made more difficult and more expensive. We aim for financial damage.
We experiment: by exchange of experience and by lerning new skills. We are building a network on both regional and international levels. The result is the self organization of our everyday life and a continuous questioning of our own actions. Organizing the way we live together ourselves is what enables our resistance in the first place. Because our actions are the result of our attitudes and ways of living.
At the beginning of the tree-cutting season there will be a skill sharing camp from October 9th until October 18th both at the Hambach forest and in the Workshop for Actions and Alternatives ( in Düren.

More information, dates, calls to action, posters, stickers etc. will follow:

You can reach us by e-mail: (PGP: 0xBF632349BA1725B1)