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The Call

Brown Coal (Lignite) Keeps Staying a Risk Capital

In the coming cutting season (between Oct 1st 2016 and February 28th 2017) RWE will try to cut down and destroy the last standing part of the Hambach Forest (and its tree occupations), once one of the biggest coherent forests in Germany, to continue their dirty business with brown coal. All this even though they’re already balancing on their own limit of existence, and it’s already known that the burning of fossil fuel is the number one climate killer.

The resistance against these capitalistic, life contempting economy logics that millions of living beings and -forms see themselves confronted with has grown in the last years, also in Germany and the Rhineland near Cologne. Discover your possibilities and skills in the fight against destruction, alone or in groups, the more varied and creative the better!

Come to Hambach forest this winter, to show that the world doesn’t run on their rules! Defend the Hambach Forest!

For living, learning and loving in freedom!

hambacherforst.blogsport.de * waa.blogsport.de * and many resistance groups

The Autumn Camp, Sept. 24.-Oct. 07, 2016

The Autumn Skill Sharing Camp takes place between Sept. 24 and Oct. 07, 2016 in and around the Hambach Forest. More information: Skillsharing-Camp 24.09.-07.10.

The Action Maps

New and actual Action Maps: https://aktionslaborrheinland.wordpress.com/mitmachen/aktionskarten-actionmaps/

Open pit Garzweiler A3: Open pit Garzweiler

Open pit Hambach A3:Open pit Hambach

Open pit Inden A3: Open pit Inden

Flyers/ Posters

Flyer Front
Flyer Back

Poster A3

Flyer Front
Flyer Back

What is needed

At this point, even a really big compliment for the many supporters with all those things we received so far !!!
A list of what we currently need on the occupation (if unsure please feel free to ask): http://hambachforest.blogsport.de/join-in/donations/.

At the moment the occupation and the people around have very high repression costs amounting to several thousand euros, which are still open. Likewise, costs arise at events and by the purchase of basic foods. The occupation is grateful for every donation and every penny is valuable for the resistance. But you can also support by asking other people or groups for donations. Donations account: http://hambachforest.blogsport.de/contact/donations-account/.

Directions and contact

Information on directions and contact/.


Some people from the Hambach Forest and the Rhineland see the upcoming clearing season as part of the planned summer 2017 blockade of the entire Rhenish mining area.
For those the following action framework was formulated, which partially will be supported. It is to be noted that each group / individual person has to / should put their own action framework.

Action Framework

Diversity of resistance in the Rhineland against lignite mining and climate destruction – diversity of action forms!

This year again there will be protest and a wide range of actions in Rhenania. Plurality in approaches on all levels of society characterize the resistance in Rhenania: here citizens‘ initiatives are working together with forest occupations, climate activists from around the world with environmental organizations. Within the context of the Action Lab 2016, we intend to join that. Because especially this bandwidth of protest and critical solidarity between the actors make the resistance strong and effective.

The Action Lab provides a framework in which people come together and educate each others in groups. By developing existing action ideas and trying out new intervention possibilities. The Action Lab only will record action forms and process them for the public. It is up to the groups themselves, to reflect the political impact of their actions and the Action Lab would be happy if they would do so! We want to support action groups by facilitating representatives of the press to accompany them on their action. We, the Action Lab, want to give an exemplary overview in the press on which actions are done.

The following orientation framework for action has been written by people who already for a longer time are active in the Rhineland, with the strong desire that groups are aware of certain facts in their actions and include them in their action planning and implementation.

Orientation Framework for Action:


If we take action in the Rhenish lignite mining area, we meet residences and sanctuaries of inhabitants. For years they have to cope every day with the devastating effects of lignite mining. Their familiar environment is destroyed, villages have been evacuated and demolished. Often their environment has already a depressing and crushing effect, not only because of the systematic demolition work by RWE, but also because some people loot empty houses or destructively let off steam there.

But we want to reawaken life in these villages or we want to preserve it, and when doing so to work together with the residents. Support by local people is an essential basis for effective resistance. Building up a movement is also to strengthen the relations with the local residents. There also live RWE workers in the villages. Some of them may not have a positive attitude towards us, but we do not focus against them or unionisation; but for sure against the current positioning of the IGBCE (mining union) and other coal lobby groups.

So please keep the locals in mind in your action forms and respect their living area as well as the local infrastructure in the villages. They live there throughout the year and also will do so after the Action Lab and Climate Camp.

Save lives rather than endanger life

It is important to us that in actions that are going to happen around the Action Lab and Climate Camp, no humans and other animals be endangered or injured. We also once again have listed on a separate sheet potential sources of danger around the open pit, which you can study at the entrance and in the camp.

“Legal” context of the Climate Camp, not threatened by eviction

It should be noted that the camp, located on the meadow next to the Hambach Forest is in a special situation. This means that evictions, searches or ID checks on the access roads always are possible!

It is our goal to have a safe residence, not at risk of being evicted for the period of the camp. There are people in the camp who don’t want any police contact. Let’s be considerate towards these people and respect their need for a safe haven on the climate camp.

And besides that, we should remind ourselves that was mobilized broadly for the Climate Camp and the Action Lab; that many people will be travelling in the Rhineland; that many actions will take place simultaneously; that especially after the last few months the attention by repressive authorities might be increased. Please take this in consideration with your thoughts on actions.

Communicability of actions

How well our actions can be understood by outsiders, often also depends on the aesthetics we use. Actions that go without aesthetics of militancy (such as fire and destroyed police cars), can be just as effective in their blocking effect and may be simultaneously more comprehensible to outsiders. Therefore we demand from participating action groups to forgo such forms of action and instead to find other ways to neutralise destructive infrastructure.

Confrontation with workers and police

Police and security guards repeatedly try to keep us from our actions. In order to still be able to carry them out, we have to distract these people and “flow” around them partially. When doing so, we do not want that any physical confrontation will come from our side.

Critical solidarity versus distancing

There are many different ways to express and act out resistance and protest. There will not always be a consensus on the impact and acceptance of these different kinds. This is sometimes difficult to bear. Let’s try to deal with heterogeneity and stand by each other in critical solidarity. Remember also that perhaps your action could make impossible another one. At the end an overall impression of the actions around the Action Lab will remain in the minds of the participants, the local residents and the rest of the outside world. We all shape this with our actions, no matter which we choose. So we should be aware of that.

To us critical solidarity means, always to be allowed to express critical opinions. That criticism always should get space and attention. And that we should stand in a mutual solidarity with all those who at the same time are protesting and resisting against RWE, the mining and power generation of lignite and who are working for the “good life” and climate change!