The occupation will flourish with people taking part in it.

Building the Camp There are no limits for your creativity for building on the camp or in the forest

Events: We always welcome help with the programm. Feel invited to organize events and make them part of the programm. If you mail us the date and a short description of the event you‘re organising, we will publish it on the blog. You can contact us here or directly at the occupation.

Actions: The forest and the aurrounding area offer a lot of space and possibilities for actions against brown coal mining. You can get more info by contacting us
Taking Part: People are always welcome on the occupation. If you want to spend some days there, just bring a tent, sturdy shoes, rain gear, a torch, vegan food and good mood. If you don‘t have some of it or if you can‘t transport it, don‘t worry, it will be taken care of.


Help us to raise awareness about the Hambach Forest and the occupation.
To do this, you can:

Hand out flyers: Contact us, if you need flyers or print them yourself. You can find the flyers here
Hang some posters: Contact us, if you need any posters.
Spread some stickers: Contact us, if you need any stickers
Link the homepage of the Hambach Forest: Link the page to other pages. You can find Banners here (scroll down for english)
Organize an info event: If you need support for doing this, just mail us.
You can also show the movie of the forest subtitles to download are on the bottom of the page (or directly on youtube)