This chronicle can only give a short overview of what happened. It is surely not complete. One reason for this is that many actions are carried out by small clandestine groups. As long as these things are not made public (f.e. in some police files they wrote about a material damage of more than 1 million in one year because of sabotage) they will not be written down here. Also it would burst the frame to write down everything that happens.
Furthermore, the chronicle is until now just written down until mid December 2014. Many things happened afterwards.


14.04. During the „forest-instead-of-coal“-festival which is attended by more than 200 persons people start pulling up platforms into the trees. „Occupied“.
28.04. First walk through the forest: More than 50 interested persons of the region come to build up together their own view of what is happening in the forest
29.06.-08.07. Skill Sharing Camp No.1: talks, workshops and extension of the infrastructure and devices for blockades
03.08.-14.08. The second Climate Camp takes place in Manheim. During this the anti-hierarcical barrio takes place as well (Barrio span. For quarter)
07.08. several activists chain themselves to the tracks of the Hambach coal railway.
26.-28.10. UnEvictable-festival
13.-16.11. The forest occupation is evicted by 500 police“men“ as well as climbing squads. Various activists are locked-on (chained) to cubes of concrete on the ground and in the trees. In addition, one activist is inside a tunnel system. It takes four days to evict it.
17.11. A meadow directly next to the forest is being occupied. It belongs to a resident with an attitude against RWE who tolerates the occupation. Some days later, there is a police operation in which several people were arrested including the owner.
Furthermore, a cabin under construction is torn down by police with the argument that the material would come from the forest and this would be theft of property of RWE. Solidarity supporters bring timber and build up the kitchen and another cabin.
01.10.12-01.03.13: grubbing season: grubbing operations are disrupted by sabotage of machines and direct intervention in the work.


19.03. The forest is being occupied for the second time and evicted already two days later June the public prosecutor in Cologne drops the cases against the activists because of the eviction in November 2012. Reason: „legitimate passive resistance“. The countless injunctive claims by the lawyers of RWE against activists arrive. For some it comes to civil processes.

national party headquarters of the Alliance 90 / DieGrünen in Dusseldorf is occupied. The Green party of NRW (district of Germany where the Rhineland is located) shows once again that they are in favor of coal-fired power and agree on the construction of new coal power plant with BoA technology. The Green party brings charges against activists.
23.08.-06.09. Climate and Reclaim the Field Camp takes place in Mahnheim: workshops, railway blockades, occupations of gardens and houses.
03.09. The forest is being occupied for the third time.
09.09. Police and RWE come with heavy machinery into the forest. A platform that is not occupied is being removed, the tunnel under construction is destroyed as well as the kitchen and barricades. In the coming months there will be 12 police operations. The aim is support for RWE. During the operations barricades are removed so that the directors of the city Kerpen and the Forest Service can have a look at the tree houses.
19.12. Police / RWE evicts for the seventh time the barricades. In a „minefield“ restricted area a metallic object is found which calls the bomb disposal squad into action. After several tried blastings and shooting on the object it is considered “disarmed”. In the police press release it later is described as a „dummy“ that originated no danger.
25.12. Arrest of an activist who was riding a bike. To take his fingerprints the cops hurt him and discriminate him. In the meantime other people gather outside the police station with drums. In the night he is released.
25.12. Sabotage on the Hambach coal railway . LKA (crime department) in action. Police helicopter flying closely over forest and meadow occupations.
27.12. measuring posts of the mine removed
28.12. railway sabotage
29.12. hunting sabotage: during the night some raised hides used for hunting are destroyed
01.10.13 – 01.03.14 Officially this period is the „cutting season“ during which RWE goes ahead with the clearcuts.Anyhow they still saw and shred wood until mid May. To prevent actions against this they close all access roads and bridges and put up floodlights, fences and security posts. Anyhow some machines for the cutting are sabotaged and trees are spiked with nails.
The 1st of December the Hambach railway is moved from the north-route to the south-route. Several times it comes to “interruptions“ of the operation of the coal railway. The forest occupation already consists of six occupied trees with two-storey tree houses and three simple ones. Most of them are insulated with straw (because of the winter temperatures).


13. Trial in Kerpen postponed
13/15. Several climbing ropes in the occupied trees cut off
14. Police / RWE clear forest blockades for the 8th time, seeking attention with the help of megaphones

09. Sunday coffee party: 60 people come to visit our field and forest occupation enjoying coffee, tea and cake.

17. Barricades around forest occupation area cleared
19. Field occupation being searched. Electronic stuff, folders and tools confiscated. At the same time police and forest agents spend a visit to forest occupation. Climbing ropes get clipped. 130 police officers involved.
25. House searches at the project workshop in Sassen and an activist’s home nearby. Data from climate camp are copied.
27. 3rd forest occupation raided. One activist is chained to a block of concrete in one of the tree houses, two others had chained themselves by both hands within the tree tops at a height of 20 metres. On the sidelines another two activists are arrested.
In the end it took 12 hours, 210 coppers, fire service and medics for a total of five tree occupiers.
Actions and greetings of solidarity come in from all over the world.
In the days after the raid the situation in Hambach forest is very tense. RWE security patrols the forest by car or by foot using dogs. Police are doing more rounds. Barricades are set up and agin being cleared afterwards. Activists are photographed.
30. Supporters from near and far visit the field occupation and offer solidarity.

05. Police and press report attack on a car of RWE security. Smashed windows.
14./25. Skill sharing camp no. 2 takes place, „build resistance“. Workshops on collecting medicinal plants, building with adobe, knitting masks as well as blockade techniques are tried out.
The day is rounded off with a bonfire.
16. Essen: Blockade and heckling action during the annual general meeting of RWE. Some activists chain themselves to the entrance doors. RWE is fairly screwed financially, 2,300,000,000 € in the red.
20. Over 100 police visit the forest to remove illegally set up tents. Activists accompany the procession with music and dance. Police / press reports: Patrol car devitrified, and no tents in the forests.
23. More than 200 police escort RWE to remove barricades. They plan to pull down the composting toilets. Activists occupy one of the diggers, shortly after the eviction one of them chains himself to it. The technical police unit moves in to cut him loose after 3 hours. Activists climb on trees, dig trenches, built barricades, play music, dancing and doing all kinds of pranks. At the end of the day one activist ends up in hospital (hit with a police helmet) and 12 others are arrested and in custody.
26. Trial against one activist, sentenced to pay a fine.
27. Public re-occupation. Day X plus 4.
A demo of 80 people goes through Buir along the tracks of the Hambach train. Final rally in Morschbroich, a place that is planned to make way for the open-pit mining.
More than 100 police escorting the rally. In the early morning 30 activists start to block forest paths with barricades. At the same time platforms, hammocks and food arranged for at 3 locations in the forest, banners are unrolled. The 4th forest occupation is on. Warm food for everyone at the field occupation. Many people strolling through the forest to take a look at the occupation, get some info and talk with us. All this is accompanied by dance and music.
28. Police visit the occupations, they don‘t discover site no. 3 .
29. Trial for squatting during the Kerpen climate camp in 2013, round one!

11. Hiking through the forest with 30 people, in the evening there was a concert on the meadows .
14. Trial in Düren for „obstructing the police in the performance of their duties“, round one!
15. Open forum discussion with all parties on the topic of brown coal with regards to the 25th May elections (communal and european). Concert at the field occupation.
17. Düsseldorf: Bloccupy action day, activists blockade Apple Store, disrupt deportation airport Düsseldorf and take part in several demonstrations.
18. Police and RWE gain access to the occupation sites using heavy-duty equipment. Barricades and several cabins on the ground are demolished.

Exhibitions, film showings, discussions and speeches all across the world.
Events informing about coal mining / electricity production, the Hambach forest and the resistance to it took place not only in Germany….Mönchengladbach, Düsseldorf, Bielefeld, Wendland, Leipzig, Salzwedel, Magdeburg, Hildesheim, Bremen, Oldenburg, Kiel, Berlin, Aachen, Cologne… but also in Italy, Spain, England, the Netherlands and in the USA. In the open air at camp sites or in squatted houses, at universities, action groups’ offices, project houses or living rooms.

26.07-03.08 Climate Camp near Erkelenz Garzweiler.
01. International day of action.
surface mining Garzweiler: 3 diggers occupied, 15 persons chained fast, factory gate blockade, demonstration and samba/clowns actions.
surface mining Hambach: blockades of coal train, 2 persons chained to tracks, 2 persons roping down from a bridge, barricades and smaller skirmishes with police and RWE.
07. Forest hike with 40 people
28. Police search an activist’s home in Wuppertal. Investigations regarding direct action against RWE

23.9. Autumn kick-off, chain digger stopped
26.09-06.10. Skillsharing Camp No. 3 Build-Resistance – Autumn
building barricades, Lock On (chain oneself) and building tripods; Out of action, working with adobe, climbing trainings, handling finger prints and DNA tracks, internet access with Tor and PGP E-Mail encryption. Info events on tar sands mining in Canada, brown coal mining in Germany, gold mining in Greece and climate change-global warming.
23.09. Blockade No. 1 of retailing business „Kaisers“ in the run-up to the start of the mining.
01.10. Blockade No. 2 of retailing business „Kaisers“ in the run-up to the start of the mining. One chain digger, three trucks ad a bulldozer. Employees and the boss of the business attack the blockade with hammers, iron bars and bare fists. Occupation of trees in the clearing area in view of the upcoming winter.
02. Blockade No.3 of „Kaisers“ on the main access road to the surface mining site Hambach. Barricades built in the run-up to the mining exploitation. Fences removed to provide free access to clearing area.
03. Gamekeepers discover the new preliminary occupation site and contact RWE. Police and RWE security visit the occupation site.
05. Police and RWE have a hard time getting around in the area designed for mining exploitation as the paths keep getting obstructed.
06. Inspecting the area scheduled for this year’s clearing .
09. Solidarity acts with the tar sand blockade in Canada, with the fight against the gold mining project in Skurrinas, Greece and with a squatted house in Barcelona threatened by eviction.
03.-05. Actions advice days in Cologne.
15. One activist falls of a tree, has to spend several days in hospital / one activist arrested.
19. Guided walk through the forest.
22. / 30. Trial against seven climate activists. They had occupied the Green party headquarters in August 2013 as they were angry with the party’s policy towards coal.
25. Activists disturb the clearing work that serves for preparation of the mining exploitation. They stop and climb on a clearing machine to hinder its work.
29. Activists stop a clearing machine near the Grubenblick occupation. One of them chains his neck to the machine, police move in to clear the blockade.
30. Blockade of clearing works triggers an operation involving over 300 police, bulldozers, a climbing unit and heavy machinery. The occupation sites for the preparation of the mining (tree occupation Grubenblick / ground occupation Haufen) are evicted and the field occupation is being searched. More than 14 people are kept in arrest over two days, several have DNA samples taken by way of mistreatment / restraint, one person is held in detention. Supporters spontaneously gather at the three prisons awaiting the release of the arrested.

5. Clearing machine occupied, new tree occupation at 100 metres from another new tree occupation. in the clearing area of RWe a clearing mchine was occupied to prevent the continuing wood clearing. Both occupations are part of the „No tree will fall“ campaign that, despite the heavy repression of last week, will be carried on all the more vigourously.
11. Attack on an infomobile in Buir, windows axed.
12. Trial in Düren, accusation says: obstructing the police in the performance of their duties, verdict of not guilty.
18. Council session in Bergheim regarding the new coal powered station, BoA Plus.
Activists occupy courtyard, climb on the building and unroll a banner.
Blockade of clearing works, 3 people arrested, one in custody because of investigations concerning 30.11. Two companions now in custody in Aachen.
25. Neuland occupation gets surrounded with construction site fences and floodlights. Security staff on site to prevent food supply, any contact and relief of occupiers.
28. Neuland – relief, escalation. Picket post on the access road to mining site Hambach, activist on their way to Neuland. On arrival they pull down the fences, banners are used to push away the security guards, several activists get injured, one of them gets hit to the ground with a flash lamp. The relief, the exchange of the activists in the trees succeeds well. Seven people in arrest.

01. Legal assessment in Düren, the activist in custody since 30.11. is released. Several activists try to get into the building, one arrested, another will need to remain there.
04. Neuland has been evicted. Two people chained themselves on one of the access roads but they are being bypassed by the traffic. Another road is blockaded with a tripod, but the road is not used. Arriving traffic is diverted by security staff. Activists chaining themselves into the trees.
05.„mono for all“ concert at the field occupation site with over 100 people.
05. Open letter from „alliance against brown coal“ about the repression of 30.11. in the hambach forest.
06. IMK(conference of interior ministers) in Cologne: over 2,000 people demonstrate against the policy and the conference taking place.
12. Regional government approves continuation of surface mining site Hambach until 2030.
16. Legal assessment in Düren. Making noise, showing banners, making chalk paintings and occupying a tree near the entrance. Our companion is in custody since 18.11. and now we are happy to have him with us again.


to come …