Let’s go to the
Skillsharing Camp
in the forest of Hambach
April 6 – 12, 2015

Spring’s coming and the forest will wake from its slumber and the first greenery will be stretching towards the sun. The birds arrive and yet again forest of several kilometres of length and 200 metres of width has been destroyed.
The „No tree will fall“ campain, the wintertime and the seasonal deforestation are coming to a close. There were blockades, occupations, discussions, vigils, trials and detentions. By appearing in public and in the media and going into debate we have brought our rejection of technologies that are hostile to life, like gaining electricity from coal, into the open. Because it’s no use to hope for a different world, you must fight for it.

Therefore we invite you all to the second spring skillsharing camp in the Hambach forest. The idea behind skillsharing is nothing new. For a few years it has also been done in the Hambach forest in camps. This makes exchange of experience, knowledge and international networking possible. It brings self-reliance in organising the day-to-day life in the camp and leads to reflection of your own actions. Let’s take a look at the years past and start to build a future from the here and now. We will be trying, experimenting, practicing, achieving and living.

Join us. Either by supplying food, tents, water, wood or by applying. Would you like to suggest or give an event / a workshop then please let us know. Please be aware that we don‘t have enough acommodation so please bring wheatherproof clothing fit for the season (tent, sleeping bag, protection against rain and cold, robust shoes). Contact us in advance or simply drop by. You‘ll find more info about the Hambach forest / travel-to tips/ action cards/ workshops etc. on the web site hambacherforst.blogsport.de
The season start in Hambach forest is coming, let’s spend it in what remains of a once great forest.