Every day from Tuesday onwards, 10am-4pm

Climbing on already installed ropes, for beginners and those who are already doing it
In this worshop we take a close look on the topic of moving on ropes. There is absolutely no knowledge requirede for this workshop. We start at the very beginning. This doesn‘t mean that this workshop will be borring for those who are allready getting up to the treehouses. We‘ll also show a whole bunch of tips, tricks, knacks and technical knowledge as well als security basics. In short: Everything you should know and be able to transpose if your climbing up a treehouse for the first time. The workshop is settled for a whole day und we would be happy if you‘re also taking the time to be with us the whole time. If you‘re able to organize a climbing harnest please bring it with you.

Climbingknots and what you can do with them (Part 1)
We want to talk about the basics of tieing knots. After that we‘re looking at different climbingknots, how to tie and use them and which characteristics they‘ve got. In Part 1 we‘re looking at the prusik knot, the overhand knot, the double overhand knot (with sling), the double fisherman knot and the figure eight knot.

Climbingknots and what you can do with them (Part 2)
Part 2 is basing on Part 1. So please only join us if you‘ve been taking part in Part 1. Thist time we‘re talking about the alpine butterfly knot, the clove hitch, italian hitch and the distel knot.

Come on, it‘ll still do it? What climging equipment really can endure:
We want to talk about the characteristics of climbing equipment we get in touch with at the hambach forest. Besides an introduction of the different kinds of materials and their characteristics we‘re taking a close look on signs of wear and the assessment of used climbing equipment or structures in trees. We also take a closer look on how to use und take care of your climbing equipment.

Dangerous? I‘m secured. The dangers von falls during actionclimbing.
We want to talk about different kinds auf falls and there dangers. Besides dangers we want to look at safetychains and how to build them in a way we can reduce dangers.

Rescuing helpless persons in climbingsituations.
What to do when your climbingmates are exhaustet and/or disoriented, unconscious or hurt. Besides medical basics on the situation „helpless person in a tree“ this workshop is about bringing helpless persons back to the ground. A big part of this workshop will be to practise rescueing , so bring your climbing equipment. The practical part of this workshop is just for experienced people which are able to climb safely.

Tree to tree
It’s pretty usefull to get to another tree without climbing down. So therefore we got rope connections between tress (traverses). In this workshop we want to talk about some physical specialtitys of traverses and how to build and use them. You only may take part in this workshop if you‘ve also taken part in the Workshop „My friend the tree“. If you‘ve got a climbing harnest please take it with you but you can also join the workshop without a harnest.

My friend the tree. Hippie shit? No interresting!
Trees are fascinating beeings which got a hole bunch of technikes to adjust to their enviroment and handle problems. This doesn‘t always end up in a tree which we can look at as ready for climbing. We want to look at how trees grow, what problems they got and which consequentzes that has for our climbing activism.