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Compost Toilet Eviction Trial 14.03.2017 10:30


Düren District Court has now set the trial date for the hearing concerning the actions that took place during the Compost Toilet Eviction over 2 years ago.

Background: During Skill-Shares Camp of 2014 over 50 riot cops and several pieces of equipment from RWE entered the forest to clear barricades and remove the compost toilet. This action was blocked for many hours by activists locking themselves to the bulldozers, frontloaders and by climbing into the trees in front of advancing equipment. This trial is reflection of the current trend in the Rhineland of
pressing charges against activist who lock themselves to, or block the heavy equipment. It is an attempt to prevent them from engaging in future actions. For this reason lets not forget about those who are being prosecuted and express our solidarity in person and remotely.

Personal Controls have been announced for this trial, meaning that all persons and belonging will be searched and personal information taken in order to enter the courtroom. For those not willing to comply with this there will be the usual outside the courthouse support action with banners, food and info.

14.03.2017, 10:30
Amtsgericht Düren
1.Etage, boardroom 1.25
August-Klotz-Straße 14
52349 Düren

Info Barricades going up in the Forest

To the list of barricading options in the forest from wood piles, ditches, towers, tripods/skypods and sport and exercise structures a new one has been added: It is a rest point and an info board showing species inhabiting the Forest and on the other side having Hambi posters and events. It should also be a good way to know if secus have been to the forest as they are not able to resist the urge to vandalize any info they see posted about Hambacher Forest or Biodiversity, in which case we will send you updates of „before“ and „after“ photos as has been done with photos of spots in the forest and what the same area looks like clearcuted after RWE touches it with its destructive hand.

Call for Support: If any of you have any posters size prints showing bird, tree/plant or animal species of European Forests that you could share with us for the barricade info board project please send them to:

Hambi Info Board Project
Kallsgasse 20
52355 Düren-Gürzenich

or just bring them to the Meadow.


RWE’s destruction of the Hambacher Forest and the emissions from its power plants and their impact on the climate and general health is too destructive to allow and as stated by official estimates, to continue into the 2020’s.

As a response once again a human red line will be made at the edge of the clear cutting of the forest to show the public opposition to this destruction and to express support for the Hambach Forest Occupation.
Please come wearing red, with red fabrics and signs and lets draw a human red line to send an urgent message of That is Enough!, Yo Basta, and No More.

Directions: The meeting point will be at 12:00 at Grilplatz Manheimer Burge on the country road heading straight North into the forest out of Buir’s Train station where you should have no problem following the crowd between 10:30-11:30.

For more info you can also contact Michael Zobel, the certified forest guide conducting the walk.

More Photos from Previous Red Lines Actions available below:

See You in the Forest


Such cases will only repeat themselves with greater regularity and intensity as RWE and other corporate barons carve out the Planet and local jurisdictions into their private domains and as the effect of their actions on the global climate and ecology is distracted by more and more militarized and violent police actions. Here an analogy of the struggle of Zapatistas comes to mind: In the 90s the Mexican State response to the Zapatistas Uprising was massacres of whole indigenous villages. In the Rhineland the forests are massacred outright, the people are moved away but the villages themselves are also destroyed by the bulldozers and wrecking balls. The carnage however of these actions is not just felt by local biodiversity but also already felt by millions affected by climate chaos world-wide and will take a heavy toll on future generations in the global north as well, presently shielded by their privilege.



At noon this Sunday a Red Card for RWE action will start at the parking lot and grill platz at the entrance to the forest outside of Buir . Please bring red cards, signs, costumes, flags etc and rubber or hiking boots. The walk will be led by Michael Sobel forest guide with background given on the history of the forest and the struggle. Lets giving RWE red card for additional 500 meters of the forest cut this season be the starting point for the response to this ecological disaster.

Barricades and police operation

Today about 200 cops were in the forest with a water-cannon, an eviction-tank and a bomb squad. In the morning a barricade had been set up on the main access route of security- and deforestation staff. This used to be the exit Buir of the former Motorway A4.
According to the media, police trying to evict the burning barricade were attacked with stones. Besides that a spooky gas cylinder with some wires was tested by a special robot on whether it’s a bomb.

Action declaration (linksunten Indymedia): Herzerwärmende Grüße aus dem Hambacher Forst (Heart-warming greetings from the Hambach Forest, English translation under the German text)

Press review (all in German):

Aachener Nachrichten: Hambach Forest: police-robot examines gas bottle

WDR 1: Kerpen-Manheim: Police operation in the Hambach Forest

BEWARE police press release: POL AC: Police in operation in the Hambach

BEWARE Express: Brown coal opponents throw stones at RWE employees and police

WDR: local TV news (The Hambach report comes after one about an airport.)

Unionists for the preservation of the Hambach Forest

02.11.2016 Hamburg Members of the German trade union ver.di and co-initiators of the amendment to the ver.di Energy Policy have addressed an open letter to Frank Bsirske, the Federal President of this trade union, who is also deputy chairman of the supervisory board of RWE. They urged him to work for the preservation of the Hambach Forest.

Link to the open letter in German

Short film “Hambach Forest – Man vs. Nature”

A supporter has made a short film about the forest. Very worth seeing. His comment on this: “With this video, I want to show the contrast between intact nature and the destruction of this by human beings. When I saw this for the first time with my own eyes, I was shocked and wanted to inform other people about what is happening right in front of their homes because of the profit maximization of a company.”

Action Red Line – Media Review

In nice autumn weather, more than 1000 people (according to police) participated on Sunday, October 23, 2016 in the Action Red Line A4.

10-23-2016 Action Red Line on the ancient A4


Press releases (selection):

One of the organizers created a petition with the same demands as were set out in the action below. She asks to sign it numerously!
She is a member of Buirer für Buir


We are currently installing a Hambi mail newsletter.

What we want it to be used for:

  • Every 1-3 months it will contain a brief summary about the following topics:

    • What was going on the last time in the forest?
    • What’s coming up?
    • For which plans do we need which help?
    • Interesting update about the lignite resistance
  • Unscheduled mails are strictly reserved for acute larger emergencies, such as major police operations on the meadow or evictions of several tree houses.

What it should NOT be used for:

  • discussions
  • spam
  • internal issues

Do you want to receive this newsletter? Write an empty mail to and then follow the instructions in the mail that you‘ll receive.
Don‘t worry. You can end your list subscription at any time.

Reportback From Human Rights Festival

We received this mail:

This weekend on June 25, the Human Rights Festival in Cologne took place, organized by the Allerweltshaus. The all day event featured not only many workshops, films and a variety of groups and struggles having their presence there but also an exhibit of photos featuring the Hambach Forest Occupation taken over the years by 3 separate photographers from the cologne area, a collection of prisoner support art and poetry and a table with Hambach Forest material with the Price of Coal Mosaic hanging in the background. The rainy conditions resulted in smaller turnout which had the positive effect of activists themselves being able to connect together and consider different forms of cross-sectional mutual support. The Groups included Stop Watching Us Cologne, Antimilitarist Groups, Foodsharing, Interventionistische Linke an many others. The presence of Hambach Forest activists centered on expanding the definition and focus of Human Rights onto Rights of Nature, and on the equality and oneness of Eco-Justice Struggle being in effect Social-Justice Struggle as all the laws and rights remain promissory concepts for as long as the ecosystems are exploited and destroyed and water and air progressively deteriorates. That expansion is a sheer necessity as Climate Chaos victims and the ecosystems under attack are hard if not impossible to frame solely in terms of human rights without their expansion to include other species and habitats and critically looking at the dynamic of capitalist extractionism. (Extractionism: the massive exploitation of natural resources and their global distribution)

The event was followed by sharing the left-over food from the event and from the food sharing stall with the Meadow Occupation where it had to be taken by 3 different vehicles. Thanks Allerwelthaus and Cologne Foodsharing!


[Ende Gelände] Press Release, May 21, 2016

+++ Ende Gelände demands the release of arrested Ende Gelände activists +++

5/21/2016. The alliance Ende Gelände demands the release of four activists who were arrested in the context of actions during the Pentecost weekend, May 13-15. About 3,500 people had blocked in an action of civil disobedience, the Schwarze Pumpe power plant. The police operation during the mass action was largely de-escalating. However, the Alliance criticizes the disproportionate crackdown on involved individuals and small groups; and unacceptable conditions of detention of activists.

Altogether there are currently four people in custody: (more…)


These two events were reported in the last days:

  1. Sabotage am Tagebau Inden (Sabotage near the Inden opencast mine)
    “Since April 12th 2016, this text can be found at Indymedia linksunten (bottom left). Here it is only redistributed, the content of the text is debatable.
    Note: The current authors of this blog have nothing to deal with both the text, as well as with the action described! This is an uncommented forwarding information.
    Then follows a text in German, in which a person declares to have tried to fell a pylon which transports the electricity needed for the open pit of Inden. It has suffered severe damage and needs to be replaced now.
  2. Under the title Anschlag? (Attack?) we published a comment to another text at Licht aus. Tagebau Hambach, Lights off. Opencast mine Hambach
    “From the side of the meadow occupation absolutely nothing can be confirmed. During the night in question no police was sighted around the mine, nor did we spot any fire. So far we have heard from none of our trusted sources that an action like this has occurred. We do not know, and here there is already speculation that this could have been a „False Flag“ attack by RWE or RWE-affiliated individuals. It would make sense: Actually the resistance is more focussed by the authorities (as the recent police raids show), and that such events would lead to a closer look, which is certainly on the mind of RWE.”

We don’t have more details at this moment, we will report further in any case, if there is something new. And if anyone has more info / eyewitness accounts, please contact us! (Mails through our contact is automatically encrypted).
The second event remembered a reader of the German version of this site to the Reichstag fire in 1933, when the Nazis used (and probably lighted) this fire to start the prosecution and elimination of their enemies.

ground-breaking ceremony in Erkelenz, 04/09/2016

deutsch | français

Press Release

by Todde Kemmerich

The ground-breaking ceremony in favour of the relocation of the villages Keyenberg, Kuckum, Lower and Upper Westrich and Berverath was a disaster for RWE and the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia.
Hans Josef Dederichs, a green member of the municipal council in Erkelenz, read out a letter of 50 potential evacuees to all responsible local and regional politicians, under the eyes and ears of Franz-Josef Lersch-Mense, minister for European affairs in the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia. In this letter was clearly listed what is going wrong in the preparations of the resettlement and that under the given conditions wide resistance must be expected. The reaction was great applause. (more…)

“We don’t want this guy filming here”

(An RWE employee to a policeman during a railway blockade on 04/14/2015)

Trial The journalist Elmo Elbrecht already accompanied several excavator occupations and blockades with his camera. Now the open pit operator RWE seeks for an injunction, in order to make him stop his documentary work on company premises. “If we would believe believe RWE, I would interfere with my journalistic activities the operation of the open pit and the Hambach railway. I do not agree.” says a relaxed Elmo.

Look forward to an exciting trial! Spectators are very welcome.

On Thursday, April 21 at 1:00 pm at the Regional Court 52070 Aachen, Adalbertsteinweg 92, court room D0.137 ground floor.

New date: Thursday, July 7th 10:45 am, same location

Open Street Map (will be opened in a new tab)