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What is it like, living in a cabin, up there in a tree?
Look at these pictures of the place called Beechtown to get an impression.


New Forest Occupation in France

The forest walk against the atomic deforestation in Mandres-en-Barrois near Bure (Lorraine, department Meuse) on June 19, 2016 ended with the reoccupation of the forest. Although until now the repository project does not have a building permit, the ANDRA, National Agency for the disposal of radioactive nuclear waste, started on May 6, 2016 the clear-cutting on behalf of the atomic repository project named CIGÉO and erected barbed wire fences and a platform for the coordination of forestry work. CIGÉO has to become the French industrial deep repository for high-level radioactive waste. However, it is rumoured that behind the scenes, nuclear industry and their spoils system of politicians, are dreaming of an international repository for highly radioactive nuclear waste – ideally located near the border, to impede resistance.
With some walks, residents and nuclear opponents procured an overview of the extent of the damage and called for a large forest walk with picnic on June 19. Then 250 people met in the forest. The fences were torn down, the platform of ANDRA destroyed and a resistance hut was built. This was followed by the statement that the forest is now occupied. The occupiers are grateful for any support, e.g. by on-site visits, decentralized actions or statements of solidarity. Under the keywords #ETEDURGENCE and #OCCUPYLAMEUSE, they announce a summer of resistance in Bure

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We wish them good luck and send our greetings of solidarity!!

Lautonomia evicted!

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Today, May 18th 2016, the Forest occupation in the Lusatian lignite mining area is cleared by the police.

The occupation has existed since the beginning of March 2016. The Lusatian lignite mining area near Cottbus / Brandenburg is operated by the energy company Vattenfall and is one of the 4 lignite coalfields located in Germany.

The tree occupations in Lusatia and Rhineland are allegedly obstacles to further grubbing works, related to the expansion of the opencast mines. We can not consider this struggle just from our perspective – many other people and groups are active on our side.

Lautonomia reports: (more…)

Greetings to Lusatia from the WAA

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See below: What is the WAA?

Greetings from the WAA to the actions in the Lusatian lignite mining area

DIY or dieIn parallel with the Climate Camp, which is being held for already a week in Lusatia, currently the Action Days are taking place. In the Lusatian lignite mining area, which is operated by Vattenfall, the production and conversion of lignite is paralysed by actions for meanwhile three days.

Blockades, occupations, demonstrations and repression

On Friday the 13th of May, more than a thousand activists procured access to the open pit Wenzlow (Open Street Map, will be opened in a new tab) and knocked out the mining operations. Since then, several points were blocked in the area. By means of lock-on actions and sit-ins on the coal railways and the access roads, abseiling actions from bridges as well as demonstrations, the operation is almost completely at a standstill. (more…)

Hundreds shut down UK’S largest opencast coal mine

Final statement: Mass blockade of coal mine ends without arrests
First press release
Live tweets:

Words and images from a tree occupation

There are no appropriate words for this simply magical and strange place. ♥ love R.

I am often asked what I’m doing all day – up there in “my” tree house in “Oaktown”.
Well, mostly I‘m not up here all day, and I do my things like almost everyone else – on the ground. If – like now – it is necessary that the tree houses are occupied during the day, my life relocates into the treetop. (more…)

LAUtonomia started

In East Germany they resist against lignite mining too:
“Last weekend we made a forest occupation near the village of Rhone that is to be dredged in favour of the open pit. As of today, our project is public. We started with three platforms who were drawn into the crowns of a group of old oak trees right on the edge of the grubbing area.

Please come along! (more…)

Ticker: Clearing of the Pizza Platform?

January 4th, 2016
03:00 pm In the morning 3 secus with dog were spotted at the platform. They quickly made some photos and disappeared immediately. Currently everything is quiet in the forest.
On the western secu-bridge already felled trees are cleared away, in the morning the barricades were cleared on the former highway A4.
11:35 am Our scouts report, that police forces and heavy equipment were moved away again. Pizza is still standing. Maybe it was after all just a barricade eviction. It is not excluded that the announced lifting platform after all was only an excavator.
11:13 am The police is with a lifting platform in the forest near the Pizza Platform. Presumably, the platform is to be cleared.
Come over. Online we’ll keep you informed as well.

Dear Diary, Today I occupied an excavator…

We glide down the deep black mountain, sink to the ankles in the ancient witness of the forest that it once was. It’s a strange feeling as it were to wade through the Hambach Forest of superimposed in accurately piled hills in the coal bunker at the Hambach mine. Like bones excavated from a grave. I breathe in the smell, feel the mud of coal dust on my shoes, trousers, gloves. A slightly smaller version of a bucket wheel excavator moves slowly in our direction. We reach firmer, albeit from wet coal dust slippery floor and approach with quick, firm steps the steel monster in front of us. A staircase invites us to climb up. The railings are covered with a centimeters thick layer of soft coal dust. My gloves are already quite sticky of it. There are many steel passageways, staircases and ladders, we climb upwards. But already after a few stairways it goes no further. Crap! We saw before that it must be possible! Hopefully we are not yet discovered. We are at an impasse which looks as if it was little used and talk about what to do. Next to us we hear a loud crackling, for a second I am terrified but then I understand that it is the coal as it crackles through a giant funnel on the conveyor belt. Just stay here? No, it must be possible somewhere. There is still the other half of the excavator. So back down, passing under the monster and on the other side there is an inviting stairway. Here it looks already quite different. How good that the door is open there, there is a way up. we finally found the right way. They seem to have not yet discovered us. Ladder after ladder, we climb to the highest point. With each ladder I get get more quiet, with each ladder we bring more distance between them and us. They must indeed take the same route as we did. (more…)

Occupation Loading Excavators – Ticker

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Last on top

3:54 pm All four are back out from the police station, each with bruises and contusions. They are welcomed by their beloved. Fucking cops!

3:45 pm YIPPEE! The first compa has been released from the police station in Düren and is free again!
Come with love, power, tea, biscuits and whatever you can think up to Düren in front of the police station and wait for the activists!
You can find an action statement in the previous article.

1:00 pm The contact to the cleared occupations has been interrupted.

0:45 pm The last person is just brought down with the lifting platform. Presumably, they also will be brought to Düren.
The excavator of the second occupation has moved, but does not yet work again.

12:20 am The locks of the two chained people at the second Occupation are also open and they are to be cleared now. Both excavators are still halted.

11:35 am The activists have been brought into the police station in Düren. Come along and show your solidarity. (more…)

Loading excavators in the coal bunker of the open pit Hambach occupied!

During the night of Friday Dec. 11th to Saturday 12th, 4 activists climb the only 2 loading excavators in the coal bunker at the Hambach mine. Far above they chain themselves with bicycle locks around their necks to the machines & hold banners that read: “There are no jobs on a dead planet”.

Once more, is discussed how this planet could be protected from the threat of climate change – by people who most likely will not live to see the impact and if so, they will be affected as the last, because they are considered to be so important that they will be protected from any harm, if necessary even with thousands of armed people in uniform. But hundreds die already every day, not only from climate change but even more from an economic system, which is considered as civilized and bringing prosperity. Worldwide, more people die each year from hunger than in both world wars together.
And that pretends to be an advanced civilization, worthy of preservation?

The activists show with this action, that it is possible and necessary to intervene directly and to interfere where livelihoods are destroyed. Regardless of rules that were made by selfsame who operate this machinery of destruction. Rules which we have not agreed.

Power plant Niederaußem blocked

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Blockade with lock-ons and tripod in front of the power plant Niederaussem


With a tripod and a sit-in, activists of ausgeCO2hlt blocked an access road to the coal power plant Niederaussem by 1:00 pm in the Rhenish lignite mining region. 20 activists chained themselves partly in lock-ons to each other, they partly fixed themselves in the tripod itself. The action is directed against the mining and electrification of lignite in the the Rhenish mining area and worldwide. (more…)

Climate change? Do it yourself:
stop coal power!

Loading crane for lignite shipment blocked / Solidarity with the coal resistance in the Lausitz region, in the Rhineland and anywhere in the world / real climate comes from below!
A group of environmental activists, some of Robinwood, blocked on Friday 11/27 for six hours a sophisticated “Stirnkipp facility” in the harbor of Königs-Wusterhausen. Two of the activists rappelled down in the tilting area of the installation and rolled out a banner reading “Coal kills the climate!” In Königs-Wusterhausen the dirty lignite from Lusatia is reloaded from trains on inland waterway vessels, which then reach the Berlin power stations – especially Klingenberg in Treptow-Koepenick – by boat. (more…)

Good night from the Hambach Forest!

Solidarity with the prisoners of the Hambach Forest from Dortmund!

This we found in our mailbox:

From Dortmund we send a sign of solidarity to the prisoners of the Hambach Forest! We agree with the slogan “Prisons are no solution but a part of the problem”. Fan the flames of solidarity in all cities, do not forget the prisoners… until all are free!

Many greetings to