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Such cases will only repeat themselves with greater regularity and intensity as RWE and other corporate barons carve out the Planet and local jurisdictions into their private domains and as the effect of their actions on the global climate and ecology is distracted by more and more militarized and violent police actions. Here an analogy of the struggle of Zapatistas comes to mind: In the 90s the Mexican State response to the Zapatistas Uprising was massacres of whole indigenous villages. In the Rhineland the forests are massacred outright, the people are moved away but the villages themselves are also destroyed by the bulldozers and wrecking balls. The carnage however of these actions is not just felt by local biodiversity but also already felt by millions affected by climate chaos world-wide and will take a heavy toll on future generations in the global north as well, presently shielded by their privilege.


Solidarity with Bure Anti-Nuke Waste Occupation

BureAs we walk through the Hambacher Forest with new defenses of barricades and ditches build after last friday’s RWE’s secus and police intrusion the news arrives that the same fossil fool monster greed fueled repression has been netted to our comrades in Bure who are resisting destruction of the forest to pave way for more extractionist madness and insanity in the form of nuclear fuel dump. Barricades cleared, secus, police road blocks all sounding so familiar like the all too familiar global destruction of habitats to extract every last bit of poison killing the ecosystems, communities and climate of the planet in the process of lining the pockets of the corporate robber barons.

Hence, to companieros in Bure and all on the receiving end of this assault who are on the barricades, in the treehouses tents and caravans fighting this monster of global capitalist extractionism a loud shout-out of solidarity reverberates from the Forest of Hambach to You.

NODAPL Water Defeners Under Constant Attack

This Monday 1.17 another confrontation has taken place between Water Defenders opposing the North Dakota Access Pipeline and the cops. Rubber encased steel bullets were fired injuring several activists, tear gas was used and 14 activists were arrested. Barbed wire was removed formed into frisbies and thrown back at the cops.Several hour long standoff continued on the Backwater Bridge separating the protesters from the pipeline construction site. The pigs continued to shoot down any drones that were not their own. This repression is taking place while the Republican controlled state assembly of North Dakota is attempting to pass a new law that would make it legal to injure and even kill any pedestrians blocking a road while driving a car. This is obviously directed against Water Defenders who like many ecological activists often blockade roadways and who already have been hit and injured by idiots driving snow mobiles around the protest site. This new law would in effect allow any racist pig-headed vigilante to turn his already destructive and deadly vehicle into even deadlier and now even state sanctioned weapon. This brings up parallels of RWE’s secus also using a truck to ram, injure and then arrest a Hambi activist also with full sanction and approval of the state. Water Defenders are also currently facing Grand Juries forcing them to testify and list their comrades under a threat of imprisonment if they refuse. Regardless many have chosen not to cooperate. This resembles the cases of house searches, home visits and questioning by the german cops as experienced on many occasions by those involved in the anti-coal struggle in the Rhineland. Both are not even as much attempts to persecute as they are tools to intimidate and silence especially in the case of Water Defenders who are facing grand juries in cases dealing with repressive police tactics and their use of force resulting in activist’s injuries. The parallels and similiarities between the two movements come to an end however when one takes into account that none of us in the Rhineland has had to dealt with 400 years of colonialism, genocide and continuing state sanctioned racism and exploitation and its aftermath, 4-5 to 11 years maybe but not 400. Neither are any of us eposed to daily barages of rubber bullets, armored personell carriers and water cannons in freezing weather. In the case of Rhineland and RWE in particular the bullets _are_ flying but they are being shot by right wing hit squads aka crooked cops in places like Columbia against those who refuse to move from their homes to make way for RWE’s coal mines there, the gas is not tear gas but giga-tons of climate killing carbon affecting the global poor in the south of the planet the most, oh yeah there is even freezing water involved as well as antarctic ice shelves turn into mush and slide into the ocean and as the northern ice cover diminishes to the lowest levels ever recorded. Flooding hundreds of millions in Bangladesh, through out the Indian Ocean and beyond. Proving that RWE is just as racist and reactionary in its modus operandi as the rest of its Fossil Fool(Fuel) industry cohorts.

Therefore the only justice possible and attainable here will never originate from any of the capitalist courts which are now in a never-ending state of emergency and a mad race to out due each other with ever expanding arsenal of surveillance, repression and torture to protect the profits of their corporate masters. In a time of global ecological and social collapse the only justice that is possible is a justice attained by the struggle of resistance based on solidarity and unity of struggles such as the one in Rhineland, Standing Rock and countless others around the planet which are standing and fighting against the forces of greed, destruction and death.

In Solidarity with Standing Rock, and all others who are active in the Strugle….

Hambach Forest Defender

Meadow is still eviction proof

Contrary to some running rumours, currently there are no signs that the meadow is going to be evicted. In the next days, there will be no eviction here (the meadow sentence is not yet legally valid and there is also no court order). No one knows if something of this kind is going to happen in the next few weeks or months. So have a good time wherever you are, donate as you can, and keep an eye on the blog!

Deforestation and Police Operation Nov. 28th – Dec. 6st

News ticker around the beginning of the grubbing south of the former motorway A4


(The most actual on top)


  • 13:00 The meadow wants to say thanks for all the awesome food donations which arrived the last days :)
  • 12:00 Up to now everything is calm, nothing special got reported.
  • (more…)

    Newsletter: August – October 2016

     After a relaxing summer, the deforestation season has started again. So RWE is busy again cutting trees, but the coal resistance was not idle as well … Read it best yourselves in this actual newsletter. As always only a small selection.


    Blockade of the Hambach railway on 10/07/2016

    Today, on 10/07/2016, some activists have blocked the Hambach railway. The declaration of action has been published externally:

    Ticker – most recent on top


    03:20 All activists are free. They partly report massive abuse, including food deprivation, the threat of breaking their fingers, and violent pulling of earrings. Some injuries are visible. In addition, sexually explicit language was used against feminine read activists. Shoes and clothing were partly destroyed.
    All have come out without giving their personal details. The ticker is now closed.

    02:00 The last two activists have arrived at the cops’ station. Unlike the previous transports, police do not want to be seen how these people are brought from the van into the police station. It is therefore to be assumed that massive violence is applied.

    00:50 Three activists are in the cops’ station, two still in the fire station.


    22:30 All activists are detached from the rails, but partly still chained together. They are first taken to the fire station Aachen Nord, afterwards probably to the main police department.

    21:20 Short call by the detached person, all activists are fine so far.

    20:45 One person was detached, 4 are still blocking.

    17:10 No more contact to the blocking people, presumably their phones were taken away.

    16:30 The Hambach train is standing still, both in front and behind it activists block the rails.




    Pictures of the “Nest”


    Every month, the forestry pedagogue Michael Zobel invites for a walk trough the forest, in order to show how wonderful, how unique and how endangered the Hambach Forest is.
    The following pictures were send with his invitation for the walk on Sunday 7/10/2016. They show the tree house called “Nest”.
    These guided visits are in German, but if you send a mail to, we will try to arrange a translation for you.

    Next dates: August 21th, September 18th … (more…)


    Aquarium is the smaller and newer one of the two tree cabins Beechtown.



    What is it like, living in a cabin, up there in a tree?
    Look at these pictures of the place called Beechtown to get an impression.


    New Forest Occupation in France

    The forest walk against the atomic deforestation in Mandres-en-Barrois near Bure (Lorraine, department Meuse) on June 19, 2016 ended with the reoccupation of the forest. Although until now the repository project does not have a building permit, the ANDRA, National Agency for the disposal of radioactive nuclear waste, started on May 6, 2016 the clear-cutting on behalf of the atomic repository project named CIGÉO and erected barbed wire fences and a platform for the coordination of forestry work. CIGÉO has to become the French industrial deep repository for high-level radioactive waste. However, it is rumoured that behind the scenes, nuclear industry and their spoils system of politicians, are dreaming of an international repository for highly radioactive nuclear waste – ideally located near the border, to impede resistance.
    With some walks, residents and nuclear opponents procured an overview of the extent of the damage and called for a large forest walk with picnic on June 19. Then 250 people met in the forest. The fences were torn down, the platform of ANDRA destroyed and a resistance hut was built. This was followed by the statement that the forest is now occupied. The occupiers are grateful for any support, e.g. by on-site visits, decentralized actions or statements of solidarity. Under the keywords #ETEDURGENCE and #OCCUPYLAMEUSE, they announce a summer of resistance in Bure

    Read more in German

    We wish them good luck and send our greetings of solidarity!!

    Lautonomia evicted!

    DIY or diedeutsch | français | español
    Today, May 18th 2016, the Forest occupation in the Lusatian lignite mining area is cleared by the police.

    The occupation has existed since the beginning of March 2016. The Lusatian lignite mining area near Cottbus / Brandenburg is operated by the energy company Vattenfall and is one of the 4 lignite coalfields located in Germany.

    The tree occupations in Lusatia and Rhineland are allegedly obstacles to further grubbing works, related to the expansion of the opencast mines. We can not consider this struggle just from our perspective – many other people and groups are active on our side.

    Lautonomia reports: (more…)

    Greetings to Lusatia from the WAA

    deutsch | français | español
    See below: What is the WAA?

    Greetings from the WAA to the actions in the Lusatian lignite mining area

    DIY or dieIn parallel with the Climate Camp, which is being held for already a week in Lusatia, currently the Action Days are taking place. In the Lusatian lignite mining area, which is operated by Vattenfall, the production and conversion of lignite is paralysed by actions for meanwhile three days.

    Blockades, occupations, demonstrations and repression

    On Friday the 13th of May, more than a thousand activists procured access to the open pit Wenzlow (Open Street Map, will be opened in a new tab) and knocked out the mining operations. Since then, several points were blocked in the area. By means of lock-on actions and sit-ins on the coal railways and the access roads, abseiling actions from bridges as well as demonstrations, the operation is almost completely at a standstill. (more…)

    Hundreds shut down UK’S largest opencast coal mine

    Final statement: Mass blockade of coal mine ends without arrests
    First press release
    Live tweets: