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Such cases will only repeat themselves with greater regularity and intensity as RWE and other corporate barons carve out the Planet and local jurisdictions into their private domains and as the effect of their actions on the global climate and ecology is distracted by more and more militarized and violent police actions. Here an analogy of the struggle of Zapatistas comes to mind: In the 90s the Mexican State response to the Zapatistas Uprising was massacres of whole indigenous villages. In the Rhineland the forests are massacred outright, the people are moved away but the villages themselves are also destroyed by the bulldozers and wrecking balls. The carnage however of these actions is not just felt by local biodiversity but also already felt by millions affected by climate chaos world-wide and will take a heavy toll on future generations in the global north as well, presently shielded by their privilege.



Three days of action planning, workshops, networking and campaigning discussions will take place in KUZEB social center during the first weekend of February. A Hambcher Forest evening with films, presentation and Q&A will take place on Saturday. Accomodations and food will be organized for all participants.
Bremgarten, Ecke Zürcher-/Zugerstrasse

Let’s stop together racists and neo-Nazis!

sit in
Saturday, 01/07/2017
1:30 pm Demonstration in front of the main station

Saturday, 01/14/2017
1:30 pm Cologne Ottoplatz/railway station Deutz

Pro NRW and other right-wing groups want to exploit sexual assaults on women on New Year’s Eve, during the night of January 1, 2016, for their racist agitation.

No more mega prisons!

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In Keelbeek (Belgium) a new, huge prison is planned. Fortunately, there is also a lot of resistance to the project. Today this solidarity photo was taken on the meadow, with which we want to greet the occupants in Belgium. We wish you all – even more in the hard winter months – loads of power and perseverance!
Open Street Map


Newsletter: August – October 2016

 After a relaxing summer, the deforestation season has started again. So RWE is busy again cutting trees, but the coal resistance was not idle as well … Read it best yourselves in this actual newsletter. As always only a small selection.


Bus from Cologne to the guided forest tour of Michael Zobel

Bus from Cologne on November 13th to the guided tour in the Hambach Forest, or what still remains of it.
Nature guide Michael Zobel shows the beauty of the forest and supports the preservation of the rest of the forest, which is further destroyed by the now starting deforesting season.
Actual info: web site of Attac Cologne.

The guided tour will start at 12 o’clock and take about 3 hours. The bus will stay on the spot and will bring us warmly and comfortably back to Cologne.
Arrival Hans-Böckler-Platz about 4 pm or a little later.

Depart und booking:
Time: 11°° (Please be there 15 minutes before!)
Cost contribution: 10,- €, reduced 5,- €
Signing up and place reservation:

This bus tour is organized and supported by Attac Cologne, die LINKE (section Cologne), action group Tschö RheinEnergie.

Campaign against the deforestation 2016/ 2017

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The Skill Sharing Camp in the occupations of the Hambach Forest is going on. This camp is the beginning of the campaign against the deforestation 2016/ 2017 which is starting in the days to come.

Some important things to know before:

Skillsharing Camp 09/24-10/07

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UPDATE 09/15 – The program below has been updated! Some times have been changed or moved. Some workshops have been added and others disappeared. In any case it is worthwhile to look at it again. The German version (see link above) of this program always is the most actual one, that’s why it is partially in English. You’d better check if dates and times match.

This year’s Skillsharing Camp will take place from Sept. 24th to Oct 7th . In order to give you an appetizer you can find here the provisional program. Provisional means that both individual times as well as items still can, and probably will be modified. So it is worthwhile to look at the blog from time to time for updates and changes. The workshop program goes up to and including October 2nd – afterwards you are invited to romp about in and around the forest with activities of your choice.
You want to offer something too? Send a mail with your favorite date & time to: hambacherforstÄ or just announce your workshop spontaneously at the camp.
We are looking forward to the camp and hope you will come numerously. This year there was no flyer, so we are all the more dependent on your promotion for the camp (internet, word-of-mouth…).

The Program: (more…)


We are currently installing a Hambi mail newsletter.

What we want it to be used for:

  • Every 1-3 months it will contain a brief summary about the following topics:

    • What was going on the last time in the forest?
    • What’s coming up?
    • For which plans do we need which help?
    • Interesting update about the lignite resistance
  • Unscheduled mails are strictly reserved for acute larger emergencies, such as major police operations on the meadow or evictions of several tree houses.

What it should NOT be used for:

  • discussions
  • spam
  • internal issues

Do you want to receive this newsletter? Write an empty mail to and then follow the instructions in the mail that you‘ll receive.
Don‘t worry. You can end your list subscription at any time.

Reportback From Human Rights Festival

We received this mail:

This weekend on June 25, the Human Rights Festival in Cologne took place, organized by the Allerweltshaus. The all day event featured not only many workshops, films and a variety of groups and struggles having their presence there but also an exhibit of photos featuring the Hambach Forest Occupation taken over the years by 3 separate photographers from the cologne area, a collection of prisoner support art and poetry and a table with Hambach Forest material with the Price of Coal Mosaic hanging in the background. The rainy conditions resulted in smaller turnout which had the positive effect of activists themselves being able to connect together and consider different forms of cross-sectional mutual support. The Groups included Stop Watching Us Cologne, Antimilitarist Groups, Foodsharing, Interventionistische Linke an many others. The presence of Hambach Forest activists centered on expanding the definition and focus of Human Rights onto Rights of Nature, and on the equality and oneness of Eco-Justice Struggle being in effect Social-Justice Struggle as all the laws and rights remain promissory concepts for as long as the ecosystems are exploited and destroyed and water and air progressively deteriorates. That expansion is a sheer necessity as Climate Chaos victims and the ecosystems under attack are hard if not impossible to frame solely in terms of human rights without their expansion to include other species and habitats and critically looking at the dynamic of capitalist extractionism. (Extractionism: the massive exploitation of natural resources and their global distribution)

The event was followed by sharing the left-over food from the event and from the food sharing stall with the Meadow Occupation where it had to be taken by 3 different vehicles. Thanks Allerwelthaus and Cologne Foodsharing!


New Forest Occupation in France

The forest walk against the atomic deforestation in Mandres-en-Barrois near Bure (Lorraine, department Meuse) on June 19, 2016 ended with the reoccupation of the forest. Although until now the repository project does not have a building permit, the ANDRA, National Agency for the disposal of radioactive nuclear waste, started on May 6, 2016 the clear-cutting on behalf of the atomic repository project named CIGÉO and erected barbed wire fences and a platform for the coordination of forestry work. CIGÉO has to become the French industrial deep repository for high-level radioactive waste. However, it is rumoured that behind the scenes, nuclear industry and their spoils system of politicians, are dreaming of an international repository for highly radioactive nuclear waste – ideally located near the border, to impede resistance.
With some walks, residents and nuclear opponents procured an overview of the extent of the damage and called for a large forest walk with picnic on June 19. Then 250 people met in the forest. The fences were torn down, the platform of ANDRA destroyed and a resistance hut was built. This was followed by the statement that the forest is now occupied. The occupiers are grateful for any support, e.g. by on-site visits, decentralized actions or statements of solidarity. Under the keywords #ETEDURGENCE and #OCCUPYLAMEUSE, they announce a summer of resistance in Bure

Read more in German

We wish them good luck and send our greetings of solidarity!!

[Ende Gelände] Press Release, May 21, 2016

+++ Ende Gelände demands the release of arrested Ende Gelände activists +++

5/21/2016. The alliance Ende Gelände demands the release of four activists who were arrested in the context of actions during the Pentecost weekend, May 13-15. About 3,500 people had blocked in an action of civil disobedience, the Schwarze Pumpe power plant. The police operation during the mass action was largely de-escalating. However, the Alliance criticizes the disproportionate crackdown on involved individuals and small groups; and unacceptable conditions of detention of activists.

Altogether there are currently four people in custody: (more…)

Stop Fennovoima

This show of solidarity for the currently harshly attacked comrades in Finland we received today from the meadow.

Love and Solidarity from the Meadow! Stay united and strong against state violence!

Solidarity with Finland

Hundreds shut down UK’S largest opencast coal mine

Final statement: Mass blockade of coal mine ends without arrests
First press release
Live tweets:

RWE Stockholders Meeting 2016

RWE stockholders meeting 2016 in Essen (Germany) was met with outside protest and constant inside disruptions by over 70 activists from groups ranging from Fossil Free and Greenpeace to groups and projects engaging in anti coal blockades and direct actions such as Hambacher Forest, Robin Wood and Indigenous Groups from Siberia resisting the eviction of their villages by coal mining projects linked to RWE. The protests and actions started a day before and during the night with stencils on the pavement and walls around the headquarters of RWE and the convention centre. During the morning tables, banners and inflatables were set up outside of the entrance to the convention hall that was being guarded by both local police on the outside and private security firms inside. Approximately 40 activists got inside as part of the Critical Shareholders action to be at first met with pat down and metal detector searches followed by a large dose of green washing displays and presentations. All the computer stations containing RWE propaganda were promptly redirected to the home page of the Hambach Forest occupation and remained showing an eco/defense response to coal mining info, attentively read throughout the meeting by stockholders, next to RWE employees happily handing out corporate schwag. Before the actual meeting begun, the setting was rather surreal with activists connecting and taking Virtual Reality tours of RWE coal mines and its diggers, as waiters served drinks to an older and more conservative demographic all around. (more…)