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Let’s stop together racists and neo-Nazis!

sit in
Saturday, 01/07/2017
1:30 pm Demonstration in front of the main station

Saturday, 01/14/2017
1:30 pm Cologne Ottoplatz/railway station Deutz

Pro NRW and other right-wing groups want to exploit sexual assaults on women on New Year’s Eve, during the night of January 1, 2016, for their racist agitation.

Meadow christmas wishes

Dear friends of the grotesque theatre of judiciary,

Kurt (the person who legally owns the meadow) puts a lot of effort and time, energy and money into saving the Hambach Forest and to bring an end to lignite coal mining.
A lot of court cases took so much money from him that he is not able to continue the court cases alone. That means a fundamental threat for the meadow occupation!

We want that Kurt can continue his fight against RWE!

If you want to do some more useful than enjoying capitalist consume-terror, then donate some of your christmas money or organise a solidarity event.

Bank: Kreissparkasse Köln
IBAN: DE22 3705 0299 1147 0393 73
Account holder: Classen, Kurt – Sonderkonto
Reference: Soli-Spende Hafo

Kurt and we will be happy about donations!

Trial date about meadow postponed

Trial date about meadow before the administrative court in Münster, which originally was scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov. 23th, 2:30 pm, was postponed by 2 weeks on Wednesday, Dec. 7th, also 2:30 p.m.

Meeting on Saturday 11/19/2016

We invite you to an open discussion on general strategies for the current deforestation season and the future of the struggle against the destruction of Hambach Forest.
An open space is to be created for ideas, opinions, analyses and concerns. We want to create a platform for the cooperation and communication that our movement needs to be successful. There will be a warm meal and tea. Please bring your own cup and the appropriate clothing (solid footwear etc).

Place: Meadow camp behind the airfield of Morschenich / Date: Saturday 11/19/2016, 4:00 p.m.

Bus from Cologne to the guided forest tour of Michael Zobel

Bus from Cologne on November 13th to the guided tour in the Hambach Forest, or what still remains of it.
Nature guide Michael Zobel shows the beauty of the forest and supports the preservation of the rest of the forest, which is further destroyed by the now starting deforesting season.
Actual info: web site of Attac Cologne.

The guided tour will start at 12 o’clock and take about 3 hours. The bus will stay on the spot and will bring us warmly and comfortably back to Cologne.
Arrival Hans-Böckler-Platz about 4 pm or a little later.

Depart und booking:
Time: 11°° (Please be there 15 minutes before!)
Cost contribution: 10,- €, reduced 5,- €
Signing up and place reservation:

This bus tour is organized and supported by Attac Cologne, die LINKE (section Cologne), action group Tschö RheinEnergie.

The season has started – clearing protected by police

Today the first large-scale clearing operation by RWE in the Hambach Forest of this season took place. Up to now, the destruction work is limited to the area north of the former highway of the relocated A4: After the clearing of the previous year, a narrow strip of forest was left behind between the old A4 and the Hambachbahn, a coal railway-line that was also relocated. Today, trees in this strip were cut down for five hours close to the so-called Secu-Bridge at the former highway exit. So apparently, in this clearing season RWE plans to first cut down this strip of forest from east to west. (more…)

Action Red Line – Media Review

In nice autumn weather, more than 1000 people (according to police) participated on Sunday, October 23, 2016 in the Action Red Line A4.

10-23-2016 Action Red Line on the ancient A4


Press releases (selection):

One of the organizers created a petition with the same demands as were set out in the action below. She asks to sign it numerously!
She is a member of Buirer für Buir

Sunday, October 23, 12.00: Forest Instead of Coal – Action Red Line A4

DIY or die

„The Hambach forest – or what is left of it and perhaps can be saved?
(Further dates November 13, December 11, January 15…)

The 31st monthly guided tour in the Hambach Forest, during the current grubbing season, surely will be the largest one ever in this forest: 3842 large and small people have been there, today many, many will come.

So far all appeals have been useless. This year RWE wants to destroy irrevocably 80 hectares of this unique forest again. We are not willing to accept that. We want to send a signal. The rest of the Hambach Forest can be preserved without stopping the lignite mining. Up to the route of the former A4 motorway can be dug, in the large area between the motorway and the mine are still immense coal seams. Our appeal to RWE: (more…)

Campaign against the deforestation 2016/ 2017

| deutsch | français | español |

The Skill Sharing Camp in the occupations of the Hambach Forest is going on. This camp is the beginning of the campaign against the deforestation 2016/ 2017 which is starting in the days to come.

Some important things to know before:

Climate Camp in the Rhineland, August 19-29

Also this year 2016 there will be a Climate Camp in the Rhineland, August 19-29. Like last year, at the same place there will be a Degrowth Summer School, August 19-23. Thereafter the Action Lab, August 24-29 is a guest at the Climate Camp. This year’s theme of the Climate Camp and Degrowth Summer School is “Skills for System Change”. Almost every event and discussion will be translated in several languages.
The videos below show the camp of 2015. The second one is with English subtitles.

More information on the Climate Camp 2016

Clumsy is free!

There is news of our compa Clumsy, who was arrested during the LAutonomia eviction. He was alleged to have chained himself together with three other people on the railway to the lignite power plant “Schwarze Pumpe” in order to prevent the coal feed. Another allegation was on trespassing because of the LAutonomia occupation.

Today, Wed. 07/20/2016 at 9 am, was the continuation of his trial. At the end Clumsy left the courthouse as a free one. On the sanction imposed by the judge of 120 days or 13,- € per diem will be taken into account the time (almost 6 weeks), which he spent in custody until the beginning of the trial last Tuesday, due to a risk of absconding. We are happy and we hope we can welcome Clumsy soon here in the Rhineland.

What happened before:

Report by ABC Dresden about the first day of the trial against Clumsy on July 12, 2016. Next date is Wednesday, July 20, 2016, 9 am, again before the Landgericht in Görlitz. Come numerously! Probably there will be again a high police presence and ID checks at the entrance.
Open Street Map

Climate Camp & Degrowth Summer School 2016

Also this year 2016, there will be another Climate Camp in Rhenania! In August, from 19th to 29th, it’s once more about networking, formation and action… and about living already today tomorrow’s society – social, grassroots democratic and environmentally responsible manner.

On the climate camp, the Degrowth Summer School will again take place at which it will be important to concretise Degrowth: By learning practical skills and the analysis of social developments.

The Mobilisation Video for the Climate Camp 2016 in Rhenania

The mass action of civil disobedience “Ende Gelände”, at which last year 1,000 people paralysed the opencast lignite mine of Garzweiler, took place at Pentecost of this year in the Lausitz region. In the Rhineland (Rhenania), there will be an action lab, in which new forms of action will be tried out. If you should be interested to help us with the preparation and if you have further questions, please contact the group ausgeCO2hlt. (more…)

Trial in Siegburg on sexualized violence

Recommended rail connection for common driving

S13, departure Düren:11:03 track 5, Dep. Buir: 11:10 track 1
interchange 11:33 Köln Ehrenfeld, track 1
then → S 12, dep. Ehrenfeld 11:44, track 1, arr: 12:09 Siegburg/Bonn, track 2
then → 5 min walk in Siegburg, Open Street Map

The only later rail connection would allow just ten minutes for a common mental and legal preparation.
The district court of Siegburg has announced entrance controls with ID required and metal detectors.
So it certainly would not be wrong if people would feel like preparing banners…

Warning: This article could be very upsetting for some people. This applies in particular for victims of sexualized violence, and more so if they have an ambivalent relationship with close relatives. But if these people could forward this article unread to solidary people in their environment, that would be a great help.

On Friday, June 03, at 1:30 pm, there will be a hearing in the interlocutory proceedings against Kolya Wlazik from Buir in the Amtsgericht (District Court) of Siegburg. Many activists from the forest may know him from the “silent conquest of the Hambach Forest”. Kolya is a survivor of abuse during his childhood by a now deceased teacher from Darmstadt. He is in litigation with Heide Hamann, “the woman who burdened him her genes”, whom he wants to prove that she is to blame for his trauma and to be protector of the perpetrator – and who wants to forbid him to talk publicly about it. (more…)

[Hambi] Art & Culture Festival 2016

DIY or dieOn the meadow occupation against the extraction of lignite will take place from June 13th to 19th the second “Art & Culture Festival”. You are very welcome.

If you like to do creative things such as painting, music, construction of cabins and barricades, community gardening, yoga, circus or other artistic exchange, then this is what you are looking for. In that week you also will have the opportunity to offer your workshop(s), to participate and to spend a good time together. The weekend of June 17 & 18 will be time for show, music, performances & party. (more…)

Action training in the AZ Cologne on Sunday, 5/8/2016

Action training in preparation of Ende Gelände
Start: Mai 8, @ 11:00 – 12:00
Duration: 4 hrs. (with breaks).
Please be on time and take time for the entire duration of the training. Coming later or leaving earlier does not make sense.

The moderated training is intended to exchange experience, to increase individual and collective ability to act by means of exercises to reduce fears and to learn new things. Basic contents of the training are: (more…)