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Koelner Verkehrs-Betriebe, Cologne’s Municipal Transportation Authority, intends to cut down trees in 2 neighbourhood parks and among the Bonner Strasse to make way for a light rail project. Light rail unlike trams can not stop on a street but calls for elevated platforms and does not use existing road surface. Instead it causes massive neighbourhood destruction by the need to construct dedicated rail tracks, demolishing the already existing roads, tree-lines, side walks and historical buildings. It is an example of green-washed unsustainable mega projects. Initial estimate of construction was put at 500 million however over the first 2 years of its construction the cost have ballooned to over 3 billion while still not being in service.
This profit driven project focuses also on car traffic expansion and will result in a further pollution, CO₂ emissions and gentrification in this now largely working class neighbourhood.

A call goes out to all in the Cologne urban area and beyond to fight this concrete and asphalt based attack on the remaining urban green areas.
Stop by and support every Tuesday between 15:00 and 17:00 at the Vigil (Mahnwache) and info stand at Schönhauser Str. and Bonner Str. and on Thursday at 19:00 for a planning meeting at Restaurant Oratio on the corner of Mannsfelder Str. and Brühler Str.
4 day warning has to be given before these trees will be felled.

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Again concert at prison Colongne

On Monday 12/19 at 6:00 pm is again a concert in front of the walls of JVA Cologne Ossendorf (Rektor-Klein-Str, line 5). A bunch of Street musicians are playing amplified music and there is also open stage which you can fill with your ideas.
Come around, enjoy the music and send greetings to the prisoners.
Bring everything with you for making noise!

At the same time a Benefit-bar for the imprissoned Thunfisch happens at LC 36.
After the concert writing café for prisoners at LC 36.

Against all cages & prisons – Freedom for all prisoners!

Trial date about meadow postponed

Trial date about meadow before the administrative court in Münster, which originally was scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov. 23th, 2:30 pm, was postponed by 2 weeks on Wednesday, Dec. 7th, also 2:30 p.m.

Meeting on Saturday 11/19/2016

We invite you to an open discussion on general strategies for the current deforestation season and the future of the struggle against the destruction of Hambach Forest.
An open space is to be created for ideas, opinions, analyses and concerns. We want to create a platform for the cooperation and communication that our movement needs to be successful. There will be a warm meal and tea. Please bring your own cup and the appropriate clothing (solid footwear etc).

Place: Meadow camp behind the airfield of Morschenich / Date: Saturday 11/19/2016, 4:00 p.m.

Bus from Cologne to the guided forest tour of Michael Zobel

Bus from Cologne on November 13th to the guided tour in the Hambach Forest, or what still remains of it.
Nature guide Michael Zobel shows the beauty of the forest and supports the preservation of the rest of the forest, which is further destroyed by the now starting deforesting season.
Actual info: web site of Attac Cologne.

The guided tour will start at 12 o’clock and take about 3 hours. The bus will stay on the spot and will bring us warmly and comfortably back to Cologne.
Arrival Hans-Böckler-Platz about 4 pm or a little later.

Depart und booking:
Time: 11°° (Please be there 15 minutes before!)
Cost contribution: 10,- €, reduced 5,- €
Signing up and place reservation:

This bus tour is organized and supported by Attac Cologne, die LINKE (section Cologne), action group Tschö RheinEnergie.

Photographic Exhibition in Düren

Rest, but not in peaceFrom 11/05/2016 to 1/20/2017, Hubert Perschke presents his exhibition “Rest, but not in peace” in Düren.
It’s worth a visit! The opening will take place at 2:30 pm in the Wahlkreisbüro (electoral district office) of Gudrun Zentis in Düren, Friedrich-Ebert-Platz. Louisa H. Wang will accompany the opening with her music.
Hubert, born in 1947, is a photographer, a graduate social worker and a social scientist. The aim of the photographer is to depict the conflict of environmental activists with RWE Power and to give the visitors the opportunity to position themselves.

Info Event about “Operation Fenix” on the meadow


For over 16 months the anarchists and others from so called Czech Republic have been facing the biggest police crackdown in recent years. The operation Fenix isn’t only the wave of repression. For the first time we are facing police entrapment, provocation, fabricated plots, and historically first “serious” accusation of terrorism. Why is all of that happening right now? Is the repression really the responsibility of the most militant part of the movement and does it help if we step back, or is there any other lance and way to deal with the authoritarian power of the state?

Come and join an ⒶBC reflection of one and a half year of accelerating repression and our reaction. Let’s talk about our protection and share some experiences of how to prevent falling into the trap. Now when the first court hearings are happening is especially important to see what kinds of solidarity actions we can provide to empower ourselves and keep our community strong instead of getting paranoid and paralysed.

The Talk will be mainly in English with a whisper translation into German.

4th of November, 7pm, Hambach Forest

Sunday, October 23, 12.00: Forest Instead of Coal – Action Red Line A4

DIY or die

„The Hambach forest – or what is left of it and perhaps can be saved?
(Further dates November 13, December 11, January 15…)

The 31st monthly guided tour in the Hambach Forest, during the current grubbing season, surely will be the largest one ever in this forest: 3842 large and small people have been there, today many, many will come.

So far all appeals have been useless. This year RWE wants to destroy irrevocably 80 hectares of this unique forest again. We are not willing to accept that. We want to send a signal. The rest of the Hambach Forest can be preserved without stopping the lignite mining. Up to the route of the former A4 motorway can be dug, in the large area between the motorway and the mine are still immense coal seams. Our appeal to RWE: (more…)

Campaign against the deforestation 2016/ 2017

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The Skill Sharing Camp in the occupations of the Hambach Forest is going on. This camp is the beginning of the campaign against the deforestation 2016/ 2017 which is starting in the days to come.

Some important things to know before:

Note from the owner of the meadow

In the lawsuit against the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, applying for a declaration of invalidity of the zoning decision concernng the relocation of the motorway A 4, the Federal Administrative Court has set the hearing date at

Wednesday, 22 March 2017 10:00

in the courthouse Leipzig, Simsonplatz 1, 04107 Leipzig, – courtroom IV, 2nd floor, room 2-030.

RWE wants the meadow: voluntarily or by force!

According to the owner of the meadow, RWE Power AG demands the approval of the sale of the meadow including the protest camp. If this consent is not obtained, the area including the protest camp will be expropriated (“Grundabtretungsverfahren”).

He says that a talk is to be conducted in the presence of the legal advisor of RWE Power AG. Then everything will be discussed in more detail. If the discussion is refused, the expropriation proceedings shall be initiated. On threat of this delicate evil (§ 240 German Criminal Code: coercion) the owner of the meadow has agreed to talk with representatives of RWE Power AG..

A proposal of the owner of the meadow for a meeting in November, after the hearing of the action brought against the 3th basic operating plan Hambach before the administrative court in Aachen was rejected. They said it was too late. It remained unclear why.

Then a talk was fixed for Friday, October 07, 2016. Representatives of the meadow have the right to participate in this discussion and are invited, because their interests are directly affected.

The owner of the meadow does not understand why RWE must have the meadow including the protest camp already now, although the meadow will not be used for the open pit until about 2022 to complete and the pending litigation against the relocation of the A 4 and against the 3th basic operating plan Hambach, the open pit Hambach still at any time could be stopped completely and according to interim measures.

Skillsharing Camp 09/24-10/07

| deutsch | français |
UPDATE 09/15 – The program below has been updated! Some times have been changed or moved. Some workshops have been added and others disappeared. In any case it is worthwhile to look at it again. The German version (see link above) of this program always is the most actual one, that’s why it is partially in English. You’d better check if dates and times match.

This year’s Skillsharing Camp will take place from Sept. 24th to Oct 7th . In order to give you an appetizer you can find here the provisional program. Provisional means that both individual times as well as items still can, and probably will be modified. So it is worthwhile to look at the blog from time to time for updates and changes. The workshop program goes up to and including October 2nd – afterwards you are invited to romp about in and around the forest with activities of your choice.
You want to offer something too? Send a mail with your favorite date & time to: hambacherforstÄ or just announce your workshop spontaneously at the camp.
We are looking forward to the camp and hope you will come numerously. This year there was no flyer, so we are all the more dependent on your promotion for the camp (internet, word-of-mouth…).

The Program: (more…)

July 18: Holiday of the very first Protector of the Hambach Forest

Arnold of Arnoldsweiler in the coat of arms of Arnoldsweiler
Source: Wikipedia

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This text came to us via carrier pigeon. We are pleased to be so well appreciated in this unexpected scene. This letter shows us that the struggle for the Hambach Forest is already more than a thousand years old, and that also then it was already a fight against robber barons. By the way, today is the holiday of the sender of this letter. (more…)

Trial in Siegburg on sexualized violence

Recommended rail connection for common driving

S13, departure Düren:11:03 track 5, Dep. Buir: 11:10 track 1
interchange 11:33 Köln Ehrenfeld, track 1
then → S 12, dep. Ehrenfeld 11:44, track 1, arr: 12:09 Siegburg/Bonn, track 2
then → 5 min walk in Siegburg, Open Street Map

The only later rail connection would allow just ten minutes for a common mental and legal preparation.
The district court of Siegburg has announced entrance controls with ID required and metal detectors.
So it certainly would not be wrong if people would feel like preparing banners…

Warning: This article could be very upsetting for some people. This applies in particular for victims of sexualized violence, and more so if they have an ambivalent relationship with close relatives. But if these people could forward this article unread to solidary people in their environment, that would be a great help.

On Friday, June 03, at 1:30 pm, there will be a hearing in the interlocutory proceedings against Kolya Wlazik from Buir in the Amtsgericht (District Court) of Siegburg. Many activists from the forest may know him from the “silent conquest of the Hambach Forest”. Kolya is a survivor of abuse during his childhood by a now deceased teacher from Darmstadt. He is in litigation with Heide Hamann, “the woman who burdened him her genes”, whom he wants to prove that she is to blame for his trauma and to be protector of the perpetrator – and who wants to forbid him to talk publicly about it. (more…)

Workshop “Sustaining our activism”

July 13-17: Sustaining our activism – Training in The Netherlands (in English).
This workshop is for anyone who is active for social change. Surrounded by nature we will have time to reflect and get nourished. We will explore tools and strategies for finding inspiration and ways through the ups and downs in the struggle. We will explore and experience tools for our personal as our collective sustainability. It want to support you, to keep us going for the long haul. The workshop will take place in a simple location in the North East of the Netherlands. More details below.

What can you expect: (more…)