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ground-breaking ceremony in Erkelenz, 04/09/2016

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Press Release

by Todde Kemmerich

The ground-breaking ceremony in favour of the relocation of the villages Keyenberg, Kuckum, Lower and Upper Westrich and Berverath was a disaster for RWE and the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia.
Hans Josef Dederichs, a green member of the municipal council in Erkelenz, read out a letter of 50 potential evacuees to all responsible local and regional politicians, under the eyes and ears of Franz-Josef Lersch-Mense, minister for European affairs in the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia. In this letter was clearly listed what is going wrong in the preparations of the resettlement and that under the given conditions wide resistance must be expected. The reaction was great applause. (more…)

Exhibition in the Cologne City Hall on 04/07/2016, 7:00 pm

@ arte : the big electricity lie

Electricité, le montant de la facture , with English subtitles
or Die große Stromlüge
On line until Mai 28, 2016, 8:15 pm

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Lignite? No thanx!
Lignite power plant near Jänschwalde

The German coal business of Vattenfall. The deadline in the bidding process for Vattenfall’s power plants and opencast mines is ending. The interest is low, many flagged already before.

Source:taz | The number of potential buyers of the lignite business of the Vattenfall Group is shrinking: Steag, a consortium of municipal electricity providers, dropped out of the bidding process, as well as the mainly state-owned Czech energy group CEZ. On Wednesday CEZ informed, “after a thorough analysis of all the opportunities and risks” they had decided against an offer. (more…)

Words and images from a tree occupation

There are no appropriate words for this simply magical and strange place. ♥ love R.

I am often asked what I’m doing all day – up there in “my” tree house in “Oaktown”.
Well, mostly I‘m not up here all day, and I do my things like almost everyone else – on the ground. If – like now – it is necessary that the tree houses are occupied during the day, my life relocates into the treetop. (more…)

About (Non)violence

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An explanation and a summary (by an individual)

In press reports we lately read and hear quite often of violent riots in the Hambach Forest. Often they refer to attacks against RWE employees.

But how much truth is really in these allegations?
What are the backgrounds? (more…)

Criticism of proposals of an arbitration procedure in the Hambach Forest

Press release

Düren/Kerpen – For some months, increasingly proposals are made to start up an arbitration procedure to the protests in the Hambach Forest. In particular, the Greens of Düren endeavor for mediation in the style of Stuttgart 21. In it should participate among others activists and RWE. Among the activists predominantly critical voices can be heard on the subject

One of their points is that for RWE the central demands of the protests – to stop the lignite mining and the further deforestation of the Hambach Forest – are not open for discussion. In a statement of some activists also can be read that there was no equality, because both sides “had different possibilities in terms of resources such as time, money, public perception”. (more…)

Xiuhtezcatl, Thank You to Fossil Fuel Resistance! @ClimateStrike in Paris 2015

Reportage by the WDR

On dec. 18th 2015, a report of WDR Youtube Channels #3sechzich appeared. It’s in German, but look at these pictures!

Dear Diary, Today I occupied an excavator…

We glide down the deep black mountain, sink to the ankles in the ancient witness of the forest that it once was. It’s a strange feeling as it were to wade through the Hambach Forest of superimposed in accurately piled hills in the coal bunker at the Hambach mine. Like bones excavated from a grave. I breathe in the smell, feel the mud of coal dust on my shoes, trousers, gloves. A slightly smaller version of a bucket wheel excavator moves slowly in our direction. We reach firmer, albeit from wet coal dust slippery floor and approach with quick, firm steps the steel monster in front of us. A staircase invites us to climb up. The railings are covered with a centimeters thick layer of soft coal dust. My gloves are already quite sticky of it. There are many steel passageways, staircases and ladders, we climb upwards. But already after a few stairways it goes no further. Crap! We saw before that it must be possible! Hopefully we are not yet discovered. We are at an impasse which looks as if it was little used and talk about what to do. Next to us we hear a loud crackling, for a second I am terrified but then I understand that it is the coal as it crackles through a giant funnel on the conveyor belt. Just stay here? No, it must be possible somewhere. There is still the other half of the excavator. So back down, passing under the monster and on the other side there is an inviting stairway. Here it looks already quite different. How good that the door is open there, there is a way up. we finally found the right way. They seem to have not yet discovered us. Ladder after ladder, we climb to the highest point. With each ladder I get get more quiet, with each ladder we bring more distance between them and us. They must indeed take the same route as we did. (more…)

RWE – divide and conquer

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So it’s true after all! “Kernspaltung bei RWE” (“Nuclear fission at RWE”, sz): RWE today announced to want to split after all. As such, only a new “green” spin-off was announced. At noon the share price jumped upward by almost 10% and rose in the meantime by 16,69% compared to the day before.

Business with green power, electricity grids and distribution is intended therefore to be incorporated into a new company. Ten percent of this new, “green” company will then likely be brought to the stock exchange by the end of 2016 as part of a capital increase. […] The parent company however will in future concentrate on the conventional electricity production and energy trading. The recoverable assets for the nuclear power plants held by the group would thereby not be changed. (sz)

About the plans of the RWE Executive Board, the Supervisory Board shall decide on December 11th. On the basis of the expected results of 2015, the new company of RWE will achieve sales of more than 40 billion Euros and earnings, before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, of more than four billion euros. It is intended to take over almost 40,000 of 60,000 employees. (businessinsider)

Background is also the shareholder structure of RWE. While Eon is a listed public company with numerous investors, at RWE the municipalities do also have a decisive say. The North Rhine-Westphalian municipalities together hold almost a quarter of the RWE shares. (n24)

Date in Cologne

Klimapolitischer Ratschlag Köln :

Time: 2015 November 23th, 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Place: Alte Feuerwache (Melchiorstrasse 3, 50670 Cologne), meeting room in the former fire station

More info:

Is it an insult to call a judge “perversor of justice”?

Trial against Jörg Bergstedt

This trial took place one friday, oct.2, 2015, before the one against Jus in the same court. Accusation: insult of a judge (“perversor of justice”). This can only be an insult if it is not true.
Therefore, in this trial will be to decide on the assertion of fact whether the judge is a “perversor of justice”. Details in German

NRW-carbon exit 2030: direction OK, timing continues to endanger health and climate

The Greens celebrate Hannelore Kraft as the gravedigger of lignite, but RWE remains the gravedigger of the Rhineland. Implemented are only the slack demands of the carbon chain of Greenpeace , TG and B.U.N.D..

According to the Energy Watch Group, the International Energy Agency (IEA) publishes since years wrong data and projections on the potential of renewable enegies (Frankfurter Rundschau).

Although wind power and photovoltaics have grown exponentially in recent decades, the IEA continues to assume a linear growth of these technologies, and therefore a constant annual installation of new systems. So they predict for the renewable energies only a 14 percent share of the global energy supply by 2030. In fact, according to critics, 60 percent are rather realistic when applying the average growth rates of the past 20 years.

In addition, Greenpeace assumes 100% until 2050.

Madagascar: freedom for the environmentalist Armand Marozafy

For years, a handful of tropical timber traders are plundering unscrupulous the rainforests of Madagascar, the EIA environmental organization reports. Even in face of national parks that are declared World Heritage by UNESCO, the loggers do not stop.
Armand Marozafy, environmental activist, tourist guide and chairman of the steering and supporting committee of protected areas in the region of Masoala
In 2010, Armand Marozafy was the center of a BBC report devoted to the illegal logging of rosewood in the forests of Madagascar (more…)