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A compensation of 1 million for all 8,000 RWE employees …


We received this e-mail:

„… and then in two years: the end of the Rhenish lignite mining.

1,000,000 compensation per employee × 8,000 employees = 8,000,000 × 1,000 = 8,000,000,000 = 8 billion euros compensation for all 8,000 employees in total = profit of RWE Power AG from the lignite in the next 2 years.

The profit from the lignite in the amount of EUR 8 billion required for this measure is still below the profit of EUR 8.5798 billion (= EUR 4.2899 billion x 2 years), which RWE actually is going to achieve in the next 2 years from the lignite. See our previous article: 116 billion € profit from the lignite ….

In no case in North Rhine-Westphalia “the lights will go out” go out after these 2 years! According to the latest figures published by the Energy Agency of the state of NRW, 178.8 Terrawatt hours of electricity are generated per year in NRW, but only 138.8 Terrawatt hours per year are consumed, corresponding to an overproduction of electricity in NRW in the amount of 40.0 Terrawatt hours per year. From the Hambach lignite estimated approximately 18.5 Terrawatt hours of electricity per year, from the Garzweiler lignite roughly estimated perhaps 18.5 Terrawatt hours of electricity. Possible flanking measures: No export of lignite electricity to France and the Netherlands nor even to outside NRW.

The electricity generated from the Hambach lignite of 18.5 Terrawatt hours of electricity was calculated quite complexly from RWE Power AG’s application for the approval of the 3rd framework plan for Hambach, as this information was missing in this application.

The reduction of 1,500 jobs announced today by RWE in the next 2 years corresponds to only 18.75% of the possible reduction of 8,000 jobs in the next two years against a compensation of one million euros per employee.
Sept 14, 2017

Kurt Claßen

Tenth Blockade of Logging Equipment in Ancient Białowieża Forest

Harvester Blockaded

Early in the morning of July 18 over 20 activists from Poland and Czech Republic converged on a logging harvester and proceeded to lock-on all around the machine with pipe lock-ons and banners. The Forestry Department guards removed all support and media from the site attempting to take away their phones to prevent their actions from being filmed and photographed. The operator of the harvester was then instructed to keep the machine running. This continued for several hours exposing the attached activists to the risk of intentional injury, with the operator of the machine warning the activists that the machine might move uncontrolably as it runs out of fuel. Yet while being separated from the media and support group and despite the noise, heat, dripping oil and the danger, the locked-on forest defenders remained there for several hours and continued to call for immediate stopping of all the logging and for biodiversity experts to inspect the logging location. The forest guards made no attempt to remove the blockaders till finally the contractor operating the harvester agreed to seize work for the day and remove the equipment from the forest. (more…)


As soon as barricades are destroyed in the Hambacher Forest they have been rebuild often even right behind bulldozers and before cops left the forest. This friday was no exeption but for the fact that this time also bread and roses have been put up in the place of destroyed barricades protecting the forest. This is connected not just with not continuing the resistance on an empty stomach but also with "Stones Are Our Breads and Barricades Our Dinner Tables." action that happened during this cutting season. It was also inspired by 1912 Breads and Roses Textile Strike and Riots in Lawrence Massachusetts which were organized by women and united over 30 different ethnic groups and also used workplace sabotage. The striking mothers with their children were brutally attacked by police at a train station as the kids were being sent to live with supporters when due to the prolonged strike the families could no longer feed them themselves. This resulted in international solidarity and finally with congressional hearings, positive workplace pay increase settlements, changing of work conditions and eventual shortening of the work week itself.

100 years later is it possible for RWE's irreversible destabilization of the Planet's climate and pumping its atmosphere full of toxins responsible for killing over 7 million people a year, as conservative estimates by World Health Organization indicate, result in equally positive response on the part of today's politicians?

The latest police action of clearing the barricades opens up the Millenarian Hambacher Forest to destruction by RWE and its release of megatons of carbon and a long list of toxins that lay below its floor and its roots. To be pumped into the atmosphere in the name of profit and greed regardless of the consequences showing that this time as well there will be no response that has anything to do with social and ecological justice on the part of legistlators, politicians and cops all deeply co-opted by the special interests of the coal industry without more radical actions such as those at the Hambacher Forest.

Bread and Roses was a title of a poem by James Oppenheim published in 1911 that a year later became a anthem of the strike to be performed through out the decades by numerous artists including a version with historical background by Utah Phillips.

8 Meter Ocean Rise the New Norm over the next century

Climate Change Capitalism and Corporations
RWE continuing Carbon emissions from their power plants and mines, the largest net CO2 source in Europe, and its out of season destruction of a natural carbon sink that the Hambacher Forest has been for millenia is all taking place despite a continuing temerature records being broken(9 all time temperature record-breaking years happening all in this century), unprecedented low arctic and now also antarctic ice-cover, despite catastrophic effect on the planet as reflected even by both IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) latest revised predictions that double the water-level rise during this century to be as high as 8 meters beyond present level. This will mean the obliteration of habitats world-over and destruction of coastal cities. Still these official studies are flawed in two most important aspects: for their CO2 emissions estimates they use the data which has in US and several other industrialist countries been provided by the industry itself which has been monitoring its own emissions, the actual emissions are in reality much higher. Second the future projections take into an account COP Summit’s non-binding agreements for future projected CO2 output which in most cases are not abided by and exceeded, which especially will be the case with climate deniers such as Trump in power. So the „worst case“ scenario is in reality the new normal with the potential worst case scenarios being even more catastrophic as predicted by former Nasa scientist James Hansen, the originator of global warming warnings in the 80’s who has been predicting several meter ocean level rise for the last 10 years. Leading him to lock himself to the White House fence and get arrested even during the previous „Oh-yes-we-do-need-to-do-something“ US administration.

Compost Toilet Eviction Trial 14.03.2017 10:30


Düren District Court has now set the trial date for the hearing concerning the actions that took place during the Compost Toilet Eviction over 2 years ago. The date of the process will be the 14th of March in Düren.

Background: During the Skill Sharing Camp of 2014 over 50 riot cops and several pieces of equipment from RWE entered the forest to clear barricades and remove the compost toilets. This action was blocked for many hours by activists locking themselves to the bulldozers, frontloaders and by climbing into the trees in front of advancing equipment.

This trial is reflection of the current trend in the Rhineland of pressing charges against activist who lock themselves to, or block the heavy equipment. It is an attempt to prevent them from engaging in future actions. For this reason lets not forget about those who are being prosecuted and express our solidarity in person and remotely.

Personal Controls have been announced for this trial, meaning that all persons and belonging will be searched and personal information taken in order to enter the courtroom. For those not willing to comply with this there will be the usual outside the courthouse support action with banners, food and info.

14.03.2017, 10:30
Amtsgericht Düren
1.Etage, boardroom 1.25
August-Klotz-Straße 14
52349 Düren


Call for DNA typing

A little more than a week ago, somebody of the Hambach Forest activists was asked by the Amtsgericht (District court) of Aachen to provide voluntarily the own DNA.
They write, that the reason for this are alleged criminal offenses in the Hambach Forest. If you (or someone you know) also gets mail with such an invitation, contact in any case the AntiRepressionsgruppe Rheinisches Revier / Antirrr (Anti-repression group Rhenanian mining area ) or lawyer Christian Mertens before you answer.

Unionists for the preservation of the Hambach Forest

02.11.2016 Hamburg Members of the German trade union ver.di and co-initiators of the amendment to the ver.di Energy Policy have addressed an open letter to Frank Bsirske, the Federal President of this trade union, who is also deputy chairman of the supervisory board of RWE. They urged him to work for the preservation of the Hambach Forest.

Link to the open letter in German

Insights to the upside!

Repeatedly we publish on this blog notes, excerpts from diaries or whatever else is going on. They provide an insight into the life in the tree houses of the Hambach Forest. With many pictures.

We are nature defending itself

11/03/2016 Hambach Forest / Aquarium Although the clearing work started a few weeks ago, it was hardly as present as it is today. This is probably due to the fact that the sound of the machines is now closer to my ear. I estimate that today the central reservation of the former motorway is equalized at the height of Beechtown. (more…)

Newsletter: August – October 2016

 After a relaxing summer, the deforestation season has started again. So RWE is busy again cutting trees, but the coal resistance was not idle as well … Read it best yourselves in this actual newsletter. As always only a small selection.


News from the Hambach Forest

Part 1. Support for a tree occupation. But how?

Hambach Forest, tree occupation Oaktown & Gallien (Gaul).

Support for a tree occupation. But how?

You want to support the tree occupation Oaktown, Gallien or another but do not know how? No problem. We (supporters and tree-occupants) have put together a few questions which are always asked and we answered them. This is shown how you can bring in very different ways. We also show how you can contribute in very different ways.


In the coming days will be published: „Part 2. Grubbing, what’s that?“.

Campaign against the deforestation 2016/ 2017

| deutsch | français | español |

The Skill Sharing Camp in the occupations of the Hambach Forest is going on. This camp is the beginning of the campaign against the deforestation 2016/ 2017 which is starting in the days to come.

Some important things to know before:

The First Newsletter

Hello, this is the first newsletter from the Hambach Forest.
It is exceptionally published at the blog, so you can decide if you want to subscribe to future newsletters. It is a bit more extensive, because it covers a longer period than originally planned. We hope you will enjoy reading. Feedback, suggestions & questions? Bring them on!
Translation is in progress.

Cordially, the newsletter group


  1. What happened this spring / summer
  2. Repressions
  3. What is planned in the near future
  4. Schedule Plan


July 18: Holiday of the very first Protector of the Hambach Forest

Arnold of Arnoldsweiler in the coat of arms of Arnoldsweiler
Source: Wikipedia

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This text came to us via carrier pigeon. We are pleased to be so well appreciated in this unexpected scene. This letter shows us that the struggle for the Hambach Forest is already more than a thousand years old, and that also then it was already a fight against robber barons. By the way, today is the holiday of the sender of this letter. (more…)

Climate Camp & Degrowth Summer School 2016

Also this year 2016, there will be another Climate Camp in Rhenania! In August, from 19th to 29th, it’s once more about networking, formation and action… and about living already today tomorrow’s society – social, grassroots democratic and environmentally responsible manner.

On the climate camp, the Degrowth Summer School will again take place at which it will be important to concretise Degrowth: By learning practical skills and the analysis of social developments.

The Mobilisation Video for the Climate Camp 2016 in Rhenania

The mass action of civil disobedience “Ende Gelände”, at which last year 1,000 people paralysed the opencast lignite mine of Garzweiler, took place at Pentecost of this year in the Lausitz region. In the Rhineland (Rhenania), there will be an action lab, in which new forms of action will be tried out. If you should be interested to help us with the preparation and if you have further questions, please contact the group ausgeCO2hlt. (more…)

Preservation of Mother Earth

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Since December 2010 they have in Bolivia the unique “Law on the Rights of Mother Earth”. It gives to our planet – as a living system – rights in the same rank as the Human Rights. The indigenous population of this mountainous country has always known how sensitive the Earth is, whom we are all dependent on. That’s why they call her reverently Mother Earth: Pachamama. The current government is the first that recognizes and values the culture, belief and rights of the indigenous people.

The law states that all Bolivians are part of Mother Earth, and a little further:

The exercise of individual rights of is limited by the exercise of collective rights in the life systems of Mother Earth. Any conflict between the rights must be solved in a way that these do not affect irreversibly the functionality of the living systems.
El ejercicio de los derechos individuales está limitado por el ejercicio de los derechos colectivos en los sistemas de vida de la Madre Tierra, cualquier conflicto entre derechos debe resolverse de manera que no se afecte irreversiblemente la funcionalidad de los sistemas de vida.

The rights of the life systems (Mother Earth) therefore have priority. With such a law in Germany for example, open-cast mining would be unlawful because it damages the “functionality of the living systems” forever.
The law enumerates seven specific rights to which Mother Earth and her constituent life systems, including human communities, are entitled: (more…)