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Arts and Culture Festival 2015

From July 20th until 26th 2015, there will be a colorful and creative protest on the meadow occupation against lignite mining in the Hambach forest.

If you like creative things as painting, music, clowning, building huts and barricades, gardening in a community, self-organized performances, yoga, circus or other artistic exchange, then you’re on a right place here.

The Droning in the Forest

In spring of this year, a journalist of the german Greenpeace Magazin was in the wood on a visit for a couple of days. A wonderful article has been made from it. We translated a part of it in english.

CALLOUT to Pyhäjoki / Finland

A callout by our friends in Finland to fly by at their camp against a newly built nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki.

CALLOUT: July approaches, the eviction threat grows – get yourself to Hanhikivi post-haste!

Fennovoima-Rosatom’s nuclear power project is now at a critical point.
Fennovoima is supposed to hand over the keys – symbolical and concretical – to Rosatom on the 1st of July. However, Rosatom wants – as agreed – the area without troublesome extra attachments.

Requirements for a police-assisted eviction are however not quite ready yet. The people still holding on to their lands and cottages in the area have been sent a message by Fennovoima, in which is demanded that the last missing cottage-keys be surrendered to the company at the latest on Friday 26th of June. If this does not happen, the issue will proceed to the Distraint Authorities [the authority managing forced collection of debts, taxes, etc.] according to Fennovoima. (more…)

CrimethInc in Hambacher Forest

The CrimethInc collective produced a 97 minutes podcast on the Hambacher Forest. Have fun!

In this episode, the Ex-Worker offers an in-depth profile of the struggle to defend the Hambacher Forest. In the Rhineland coal country of western Germany, a group of angry locals, environmentalists, anarchists and squatters have converged to challenge the destruction of one of the region’s oldest forests by the energy giant RWE’s brown coal mining. In these moving interviews recorded live in the Hambacher Forest in spring 2014, Clara gets a tour of the occupation and discusses the recent history of actions and broader political context. Through insightful and often hilarious informal conversations, the occupiers point out distinctive features of the forest, show the gritty and frequently comical day to day realities of squatter life, discuss their personal motivations for resisting the destruction of the forest, and offer poignant insight into the logic of resistance as a way of life. The episode concludes with recent updates from the occupation, ways to participate and show solidarity, and reflections on its significance for radicals across the world. {June 15th, 2015}

ZAD Roybon in danger of eviction

Flyer ZAD Roybon

Another endangered forest: From the ZAD Roybon we got a call for help. From 8th to 15th July. the ZAD is in immediate danger of eviction. People there are fighting against Center Parcs in Roybon, an industry tourism attraction park.

From their call: (more…)

Operation Fenix – Solidarity with czech anarchists

Prague, Czech Rebublic: Police repressions, anarchists are charged with preparation of terrorist acts.
“No repression can stop a longing for freedom!”
antifenix banner
With ‘Operation Fenix’ came the biggest wave of police repressions against the anarchist and radical left movement in the recent czech history.

Taking people early in the morning hours, accusations of preparation of terrorist acts and confiscation of a server, which held several activists’ sites, all came with ‘Operation Fenix’ which started on Tuesday, 28th of April. Anti-extremist police is actively trying to frighten the anarchist and anti-authoritarian left scene and collecting information in a fishing expedition. (more…)

Solidarity from Athens

In Athens some banners were dropped in solidarity with eco-prisoners: Marius J. Mason, Marco Camenisch, Eric McDavid.

Exarchia Square: “Hambach Forest stays – Sabotage against the mining and energy industry – Month for the Earth and against the Capital”

Zine published

One of our supporters compiled a Zine in english (PDF). Feel free to publish it!
Update 12th June: The Content is now available on this blog: (more…)

ACTION UPDATES – Inden Occupation

The excavator at the extraction site Inden was more then 50 hours occupied. motivation and declarationgermanfrench

Excavator 280

at the edge (more…)

Bucket wheel excavator in the brown coal mine Inden occupied

This action declaration reached us via mail today. The action is still ongoing, see press release below. Updates


Wenn vier Menschen auf solch behutsame Weise einen Riesenbagger für mehrere Stunden lahmlegen können...

Tonight, four activists occupied a large bucket wheel excavator in the Inden opencast mine. They climbed to the top of the excavator about 70m high. The machine halted is one of the largest machines in the world that normally destroys 24/7, literally churning the landscape. In Inden lignite is promoted for Rhenish mining area above ground, that is: Everything is about being in the way and will be destroyed; who lives about is expropriated and expelled. Where villages, fields, meadows and woods once stood inconceivabley huge holes appear in the landscape, an industrial wasteland to the horizon. Of all of the energy sources, lignite, is ridiculously inefficient, releasing huge loads of CO2 and particulate emissions, and the conversion of power supply to renewables sabotaged with inflexible „baseload plants“.

The event is also a solidarity greeting from the resistance against the Rhenish lignite mining area to the resistance against the meeting of the G7 in Elmau. (more…)

FRACKANPADA, 13.-19. July 2015

FRACKANPADA an international Anti-Fracking Camp, 13-19 July 2015 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque country

FRACKANPADA an international Anti-Fracking Camp, 13-19 July 2015 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque country

This summer European anti-fracking movements are mobilising for action against fracking in Basque Country – close to the Spanish-French border, 500 km west of Barcelona. Anti-fracking collectives from several countries are calling on activists from across Europe to gather near Gasteiz-Vitoria for a week-long Frackanpada camp with actions and skill-sharing to organise our struggles in defense of the land, for social justice and for a sustainable society as well as developing our resistance against fossil fuel extraction and the underlying system of corporate profit and state evictions and repression.

The camp will bring together the people involved in the struggle against fracking from all corners of Europe, to share experiences and exchange skills; to put into practice participatory ways of social organising and visions of just alternatives; and to take action to expose and halt the practice of fracking. There will be a wide range of activities for everyone, from workshops and talks to films, activities for children and skill-shares. We want to learn about fracking, and share skills for resisting this industry from groups all over Europe and further afield, we also want to connect this struggle to other struggles against climate change, fossil fuel extraction, social injustice and other threats that our communities face. An open call for the camp’s programme is online and inviting proposals.

The location of the camp has strong symbolic meaning as a spot with plans for fracking. The camp is right next to a former drilling site which they want to expand for shale gas extraction. Frackanpada has the support from inhabitants of the nearby village, that allowed us to camp on their land. Local activists are clear that now is the time to re-escalate action in the region „The more numerous we are, the more it will cost them“.

Only together we can stop and resist their plans. It’s time to stop their nonsense. It’s time for action! No fracking here nor anywhere!

There will be a carpool. Send a mail to hfb-carpool _ if you have a car and/or want to join!

Moro Info:
Contact: frackanpada _

Eviction in the forest? (Update)

First published on the German Blog on 27th of May.

This morning more than 100 Cops entered the forest (with technical- and climbing unit). At about 9:40 am they arrived at the pirate ship, which is a quite new living barricade at the entrance of the forest at the old motorway exit.
The cops came with diggers, wheel loaders and lifting ramps. The pirate ship was evicted and by now four persons are arrested. Afterwards they evicted another few barricades on the way to Oaktown (which is one of the treehouse-occupations). By now it looks like the police is retreating – but we cannot be certain at the moment – this is not an „all-clear“! More updates will follow.

Update: The technical units have retreated from the forest – but there still seem to be up to 7 police vans parked at the edge of the forest.

Due to information from the police Kerpen the four captives are now being brought to the main police station in Cologne (Kalk).

Update: 3:50 pm – We just got the information that the first person is free! Strengh to the persons who are still imprisoned and to the supporters on-site.

Update: The 7 police cars rode off at about 2 pm.

These are some photos of the police action:

Das Piratenschiff wird geräumt.
Das Piratenschiff wird geräumt

Picknick nach der Räumung

Press release: Partial eviction in the Hambach Forest.

First published on the German Blog on 27th of May.

On wednesday morning at about 9:40 am a living barricade in the Hambach Forest was evicted. Four persons were arrested and are still imprisoned in the main police station of Cologne. The Hambach Forest is occupied by environmental activists, in order to hinder the forest clearing executed by energy monopolist RWE for the exploitation of brown coal. To protect their treehouses from evictions, occupants have barricaded forest tracks. For the same reason an inhabited barricade is permanently occupied. The police operation in the forest is finished since around 2 pm.

Correction: There seem to have been only three arrests. But it is impossible to say anything precisely until the arrested people are free – unless the police would allow them their legal right to make phonecalls.